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Can Social Security be Garnished?

Your Social Security May be Vulnerable

If you owe the IRS an old tax debt, it’s surely crossed your mind that the IRS might be looking for you. It may take months or even a year, but sooner or later you’ll begin receiving notices of your balance. You certainly want to protect yourself from legal action and, if you’re retired or disabled, you definitely want to avoid an IRS garnishment.

Depending on the circumstances around your tax debt, including what action you’ve taken to resolve it, you may face social security garnishment. The good news is you can do something about it. Before we walk through your resolution options, let’s consider other sources of income you need to protect from IRS collections.

Your Wages

Even after you answer the question of, “can social security benefits be garnished,” there are plenty of other potential issues to worry about with back taxes. If you’re working during your retirement years, or employed on your way to retirement, a prime area of concern is your paycheck. Your wages may be garnished as a result of failure to pay taxes, every pay cycle, until the liability is paid in full. If you have concerns about this type of IRS wage garnishment, phone numbers for professional assistance may be found online.

Checking & Savings Bank Accounts

In addition to “can social security disability be garnished” – before you ask – the IRS can and will impose a bank account levy of your checking and savings to satisfy a tax debt. To makes matters worse, they can take the entire balance of your account up to the full amount owed for the liability. Such levies are difficult to dispute and you’re given a very narrow window of time to get the funds reversed back into your account(s).

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Don’t Wait

If you feel compelled to ask “can disability be garnished,” “can disability checks be garnished”, or “can you garnish social security”, time may not be on your side. And if you begin receiving notices from the IRS, don’t wait to get the issue taken care of. No matter how big or small your debt, procrastinating will only cost you more in the long run (and this goes beyond whether the IRS can garnish social security). Since the IRS charges tax penalties and interest from the date the taxes were due to be paid, you can end up getting charged far more than the sum of your original balance.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the IRS typically engages in more aggressive collection activity following a period of little or no action on your part. You’re given an opportunity to dispute the IRS assessment, if applicable, or determine a method of payment. On the other hand, if you’re already embroiled in IRS collections or you can’t afford to pay anything, you have to protect yourself.

What You Can Do Today

Rather than waiting to deal with an “IRS social security benefits” issue, explore your tax help options. No matter what stage of collections you’re facing, you’ll want to consider consulting with a professional tax relief company. One good licensed tax professional can make a difference in providing you with an affordable, reliable solution.

Tax Defense Network, LLC, has a team of licensed tax professionals who are at your disposal. Whether you’re dealing with garnished wages, levied bank accounts or Social Security garnishment, you’ll get the help you need. Don’t wait to secure a no-cost consultation and ensure that your finances remain intact, untouched by the IRS.

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