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How to File for Free

January 22, 2015

You do not necessarily need to pay to prepare and file your tax return. Even if you prefer sending a paper return though the mail, you will at least pay the cost of postage. If you prepare your return electronically, however, you can use an online platform that allows you to file your return for free.

If you’re having trouble filing your return yourself and cannot afford to hire the services of a return preparer, the IRS.gov site is an excellent resource for understanding your responsibilities as a taxpayer. You can find instructions on how to prepare your return and learn about common mistakes to watch out for.

The IRS’ Free File program allows taxpayers to use brand name tax software to file their taxes for free if they meet specific income requirements. The IRS provides a list of online tax preparing services, including Tax Defense Network’s new partner Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, that provide free tax return filing from their websites.

Filing your return electronically is easy and quick. All it takes is a few minutes with no filing cost. The return reaches the IRS within seconds and gets processed quickly so that you receive your refund faster. Due to these benefits, electronic filing has become the preferred way to do taxes.


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