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How to Keep Protected from Tax Debt Relief Scams

August 1, 2013

Scam artists keep inventing new methods of cheating taxpayers out of money, as it was recently discovered that tax thieves are using the mask of tax resolution services to scam taxpayers. Tax thieves target taxpayers who are in danger of getting a tax lien placed against them, and try to sell them tax debt resolution services.

Once the taxpayer hires their “services,” scam artists get taxpayers to share their bank account details with them, empty the account and disappear. Instead of finding a resolution to their tax debt, the taxpayer gets into further debt.

A primary method scam artists use to attract taxpayers is through false advertising. They promise an instant tax debt resolution with substantial debt reduction and the immediate removal of a tax lien. They charge large up-front fees or ask taxpayers to share their financial details, which may include bank account and/or credit card details.

Some fraudulent tax debt relief firms do not disappear after pocketing the fee; they simply do not provide any services.

Another revealed tax debt resolution scam is conducted through an unsolicited email or letter claiming that a taxpayer qualifies for a government plan that helps them settle their tax debt problems. The scammers use the mask of a government organization or the IRS to extract financial and tax information.

Scam artists find new methods to scam taxpayers when their old methods become known. Therefore, taxpayers must research and authenticate any online and offline communication regarding tax debt resolution services to stay protected from tax scammers.

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