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Identity Theft Scam Busted, IRS on Its Toes

February 13, 2013

On Friday in Miami, a tax fraud scheme of $34 million was discovered. Eleven people were indicted for stealing the identities of around 7,000 taxpayers, including 2,700 deceased filers, to file false tax returns. Florida is the state with the most cases of identity theft and tax fraud in the U.S. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Florida has the highest number of identity theft complaints, with 178 for every 100,000 residents.

The IRS’ acting commissioner, Steven T. Miller, said on Thursday that the IRS’ investigations agency scanned 32 states and Puerto Rico. It discovered 389 ID theft suspects and arrested 109 people.

“In terms of how much got past us, we’re quite sure some did,” Miller told reporters in a conference call. “I know it doesn’t approach the number that we stopped.”

The amount of tax information theft by tax frauds has risen in recent years, with the most cases of ID theft taking place in New York, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles. In spite of IRS efforts, this crime has increased due to the ease with which tax scams can be carried out.

Taxpayers can also help the IRS and law enforcement agencies to bust tax fraud. They can inform the IRS of suspected tax fraud activity using these IRS methods.

Tax fraud is not limited to fraudulent tax filing; tax fraud by tax companies is a fraud that is crueller because it drains taxpayers who are in tax debt and are seeking help for it.

Tax fraud has grown to gigantic proportions, and the losses the IRS suffers every year because of it is bad news for taxpayers, as their tax money lands in the hands of tax criminals.

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