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New Acting IRS Commissioner Appointed, Scandal Carries On

June 4, 2013

After the Tea Party controversy, Steven T. Miller, acting IRS commissioner, was forced to resign. Taking his place is Daniel I. Werfel, the new acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, who bears the responsibility of building back the tarnished image of the IRS.

The IRS has found itself in deep trouble because of the political bias that was being carried out by some low-level employees of the IRS. An investigation found that a division within the IRS was restricting conservative political parties from getting tax-exempt status. Werfel acknowledges the bias and says that the agency needs to rebuild the trust they have lost because of the Tea Party scandal.

Werfel said that any correction method “has to start with a recognition that the trust (of taxpayers) has been violated.” The new acting IRS commissioner declares that he is ready to confront the problems, find a permanent resolution, and deal with those who are guilty of misconduct. President Obama has also expressed somewhat similar sentiments after the Tea Party scandal rocked the nation. The Department of Justice and three congressional committees are investigating the matter further.

Some believe that the IRS needs more funding so that it does not need to cut corners. The IRS has complained for years about insufficient funding in ensuring tax compliance. With the recent controversy, their budget might also be scrutinized to find a permanent fix to the crisis. There has been reported tax non-compliance among IRS employees, which is an indication of the competence of the IRS when it comes to their own staff.

“We have a great deal of work ahead of us to review and correct the serious problems that have occurred at the IRS and continue the important work of the agency on behalf of taxpayers,” Werfel said in his first congressional appearance. He told a House Appropriations subcommittee that he carried out a comprehensive review to rebuild trust in the IRS.

The controversy has engulfed not only the IRS, but also the Obama administration, and is unlikely to die with the IRS chief’s recognition of the problems.

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