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Preparing and Submitting IRS Forms

October 21, 2010

Requesting any of the IRS’S programs to resolve your Tax Debt requires you to submit the proper tax form along with documentation to substantiate your claims. Keep the following in mind when you fill out the Tax Forms necessary to take advantage of the programs and services offered by the IRS.

Fill Out IRS Form 433-A or 422-F

The most important form you need to fill out is Form 433-A or 433-F, these provide a Blueprint of your financial situation for the IRS and make it easier to fill out other forms. This form will request detailed information about all forms on income you make and every expense you have. This helps the IRS determine what kind of program or service you could qualify for.

Do Not Leave Blank Spaces on IRS Forms

You must fill out the entire Tax Form, do not leave any spaces blank. The IRS may return a form to you if any spaces are left blank, and in some cases, it will cost you money to resubmit your form. Your case will be resolves more smoothly if you do things correctly the first time and leave no spaces blank.

Be 100% Honest with the IRS

The IRS has the ability to check on your finances to ensure everything you’ve written is fact. The IRS will investigate information that they find suspicious.

Provide Ample Documentation

You need to supply ample documentation to prove that you need the requested service. You also need to provide documentation that proves your financial situation.

Remember, It’s All at the IRS’ Discretion

The IRS is not required to give you a service simply because you request it. This is all at their discretion.

Always Proofread Your Forms

Proofread your forms and watch out for mistakes. Hundreds of people leave out important information like names and social security numbers. Prevent simple errors by proofreading every completed form before you send it to the IRS.

These tips will save your time and money. Fill out IRS Forms correctly the first time and you can quickly start to resolve your tax debt issues and take advantage of the IRS’ helpful programs and services.

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