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Read This before Hiring a Professional Tax Service

March 6, 2014

It is crucial to be careful when hiring a profession tax service because of the presence of fraudulent tax services that pose as honest services. In 2011, many well-known tax resolution companies, including Roni Lynn Deutch, American Tax Relief and Tax Masters were found to be scamming their clients. They used heavy advertising, manipulation of facts, and illegal business practices to make millions. After numerous consumer complaints were filed by their clients, they were sued and shut down.

Before hiring a professional tax service this tax season, ensure that you gather relevant information about the company that you are considering. This initial step in research is vital because the decision you make at this point can change the outcome of your tax case.

To find a competent and honest tax service, it is important to:

  • Research
  • Verify facts
  • Consult others
  • Use free consultation facilities
  • Consider previous cases resolved
  • Request information about the total fee

For research, use authentic sources that verify information such as Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Tax Reviews, etc. Online complaint boards where user comments and reviews are shared anonymously and without verification cannot be trusted as a source of correct information.

Verify facts from multiple sources to authenticate that the information collected is accurate. Many tax resolution services have free consultation services. Use them to collect further information and to verify the facts collected.

Before hiring, consider the type of cases resolved by the service, especially those that are similar to your tax case. Request the service to explain the fee structure and confirm that they do not charge any hidden or extra fees.

An honest and capable tax service makes the resolution process simple and provides the best possible resolution to a tax case. Therefore, it is wise to spend time and effort in finding an honest, proficient and experienced professional tax service.

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