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4 Practical (and Freeing) Ways to Celebrate Tax Day

April 12, 2018

Celebrate Tax Day blog

Your bank statement will typically reflect your #taxrefund cash within 21 days of filing.

Check for these five qualities to make sure your tax pro is qualified and the best for you.

Tax Day isn’t anyone’s favorite holiday. Whether you own a corporation or started your first part-time job last year, the April deadline is stressful for the entire U.S. population. But if you’ve filed your taxes on time this spring (by April 17), it’s time to celebrate. Here’s how you can kick back and relax at the end of this tax season:

1) Put your tax documents in hibernation: Time for those W-2s and receipts to catch some Zzzs in a secure place. Don’t throw them away, though: you may need to reference them if the IRS alerts you of mistakes that need to be corrected on your tax return, or if the IRS audits you.

2) Thank your tax preparer: Give a shout-out to anyone who helped you file this tax season, including CPAs or even your spouse. This is their busiest season, after all. Tax professionals can help beyond the preparation by reviewing amended returns, protecting against audits, and addressing back taxes.

3) Look for your tax refund to hit your bank account: Expecting a federal tax refund? The average federal tax refund is $2,895, which could mean it’s time to get those new shoes you’ve been eyeing. Your bank statement will show the extra cash typically within 21 days of your filing date. You can check with the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” tool for more information on your expected refund.

4) Have a glass of wine: Sit back and relax – you’ve earned it. #Cheers

Not celebrating this Tax Day because of owed back taxes? Tax Defense Network can help find the best solution for your situation and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. It’s easy and free to get started. Call to speak with a tax analyst for your no-cost, no-commitment consultation today at 877-588-1098.

6 Things to Get Done Before Tax Day

April 4, 2018

Tax Day in cereal

April 17 is Tax Day - what does it take to get Tax Day right?

Check for these five qualities to make sure your tax pro is qualified and the best for you.

If you haven’t figured it out from every U.S. adult sweating profusely over their W-2s, receipts, and calculators, April 17 is Tax Day this year. But what does it take to get Tax Day right?

Here are six things to do before the April 17 deadline rolls around:

  1. File your taxes: Tax Day is all about – you guessed it – having your taxes filed to the IRS and your state. Ensure you’ve received all paperwork needed to complete tax returns, including W-2s from employers, social security information, and more. Enlist the help of a tax preparer to make sure you’re in compliance with IRS and state requirements.
  2. Fund your IRA or Roth IRA: You still have time to contribute to your retirement accounts for deduction write-offs – woohoo! After the April tax deadline, you won’t be able to take advantage of this benefit for the 2017 tax year.
  3. Businesses: File your Q1 estimated taxes for 2018: April’s Tax Day is a double whammy for business owners as Q1 estimated tax payments and individual tax returns are due. You don’t want to start off the year on the wrong foot with the IRS – they’ll remember your compliance if you ever need future tax debt resolution.
  4. File for an extension if you need it: No way you’re getting your tax forms submitted by Tax Day? You can apply for a filing extension that will give you two extra months to get things taken care of. If you don’t file for a needed extension, you’ll be on the hook for Failure to File penalty plus interest. And remember: There is no such thing as an extension on paying tax debt.
  5. Request an IRS payment plan if you can’t pay: Financial hardship may prevent you from affording tax payments this year. If this is the case, request an IRS payment plan to get the ball rolling and avoid things from getting worse. If no effort is made on your part to resolve the problem, the IRS will begin to charge penalties and interest on the amount owed, even if there are no collection actions like liens and levies.
  6. Get help from a tax professional: Make a sincere effort to get tax debt resolution and the IRS will cut you some slack. Get help from a tax relief company like Tax Defense Network who can work with the IRS on your behalf, helping you learn your options for getting taxes back on track.

So, are you ready for Tax Day?

Call Tax Defense Network for a free consultation on filing returns, resolving tax issues, or handling business taxes at 877-588-1098.


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