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Talking Odd Taxes

June 7, 2011

The IRS: A massive collection company for the United States Treasury. Accounting firm for the government. A boring place to work.

Whatever your definition is for the IRS, the word interesting is seldom used. IRS agents aren’t famous or rich, and checking millions of tax returns isn’t interesting or death defying. People don’t even like to talk about taxes unless they are complaining about them. Taxes are just plain BORING!

But people aren’t. And since the IRS has to deal with all kinds of American taxpayers, there tends to be a few oddball stories every once in a while (actually quite often). So here are a few of those stories. Almost makes you want to apply to the IRS… well, it’s not that interesting.


Kansas City IRS Attack

An IRS complex in Kansas City was under siege this morning. The fire department was called to the complex to investigate a suspicious envelope. The envelope was said to be leaking a mysterious substance. The envelope was taken away by the authorities for further investigation, and the IRS employees went right back to work. Story Source.

IRS Selling a Thieving Lawyer’s Home

The IRS is working on selling the home of a former New Hampshire lawyer who stole over $1 million from his clients. James Hobbes is the licensed tax professional’s name, and he’s serving a 10 to 20 year sentence for perjury and theft. Some of his crimes, like stealing $500K from a deceased client’s disabled daughter, are heartbreaking. You might be on the IRS’ side in this one!

EA Founder William Hawkins Proves Bankruptcy Isn’t a Tax Debt Solution

EA founder William “Trip” Hawkins has racked up a massive tax debt in excess of $20 million! His story is a cautionary tale for those who hope to resolve their tax debt through bankruptcy. A US district judge was quoted saying: “Hawkins planned to defeat his taxes via bankruptcy and continue living the lifestyle to which he had grown accustomed… he continued to spend money extravagantly with knowledge of his tax liabilities. Story Source.

Stop with the IRS Packages

And finally, a funny story on why you should stop sending your suspicious packages to the IRS. “Take the time you’d normally spend putting your leaky substance into an envelope and e-file those taxes. Sending baby powder is not the way to get an extension.” Story Source.

Before you go, check out what crazy deductions taxpayers have tried to pass off to the IRS in the past. Preview* Excited men, animal parts, and things that make you go, “What the..?” 😉

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