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Tax Debt & You: Tax Defense Network Helps

March 22, 2012

Finding yourself in tax debt is scary, but Tax Defense Network believes that a taxpayer, who is armed with information and professional help, can resolve even the most complicated tax issues. While some taxpayers resolve their tax debt themselves, many seek the help of tax professionals to solve their tax problems. Both methods are valid, but different cases need different handling. Before a taxpayer chooses how to handle their back taxes, it is important to know which method will best resolve the case.

Tax Defense Network: Do It Yourself

You can resolve simple tax issues without professional help. If the amount owed to the IRS is less than $10,000, you can either pay the entire amount in full and not incur interest, or choose an IRS Installment Agreement to pay back the debt in payments. However, interest and penalties are charged on the amount of your tax debt while in such an agreement.

Before contacting the IRS, Tax Defense Network suggests you keep all your materials organized because you will need to attach documents with the IRS form. For that, you can seek help from a tax preparer.

Some of the simpler tax issues that you can handle on your own are:

  • Failure to file returns, but no tax debt
  • Missed the date for filing tax returns
  • Paying the back tax debt in full
  • Paying back the debt (less than $10,000) in installments

If there are no complications and your debt is less than $10,000, Tax Defense Network encourages taxpayers to read about the different IRS programs by visiting the IRS website and choosing the one you qualify for.

Tax Defense Network: Take Help

Tax Defense Network advises taxpayers who find themselves owing more than $10,000 to the IRS to employ the services of tax resolution companies or tax professionals. Taking the help of experts can save you money, time, and effort in the tax debt resolution process. Tax experts know how to best present your case in front of the IRS and match you with the most appropriate IRS program that resolves your case successfully.

Some of the tax issues that need a tax resolution company to fix are:

We at Tax Defense Network have a highly-qualified and experienced team of licensed tax professionals and tax analysts. Our excellent record of resolving tax problems to the full satisfaction of our clients has led the Better Business Bureau to give us an A- rating. We specialize in IRS programs such as wage garnishment and bank levy release and tax lien removal, along with others. You can discuss your tax problem with us for free when you call us at (888) 248-9058.

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