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Tax Defense Network: Complaints Boards & Their Rules

January 10, 2013

Complaints board sites became popular because they gave a voice to the complaints of consumers. Even though many consumers have benefited from voicing their complaints about businesses on complaints board sites, many businesses have become victims of false complaints made by competitors and displeased ex-employees. Tax Defense Network looks at complaints board sites and their rules to see how much consumers can trust this platform.

Tax Defense Network: Posting Complaints

Posting a complaint on a complaints board site is straightforward. Some require registration, and some allow users to post anonymously. For registration, all a user needs is an email address, which is verified before accepting the request for access. For anonymous posts, a user can simply enter details about the company and submit the complaint.

On the other hand, online consumer complaint centers by the government (i.e. the Better Business Bureau) have made it mandatory for complainants to include a phone number and a full postal address. The complaint is also reviewed before it is posted on the website. Many complaint platforms also inform the company against which a complaint has been made, so the company has the chance to rebut or resolve the complaint made.

Tax Defense Network: Complaints by Anonymous Users

Tax Defense Network found that many complaints on online complaints board sites are posted by anonymous users. Anyone who has actually been cheated by a business and hopes to get justice does not wish to remain anonymous. Tax Defense Network believes that complaints board sites that allow anonymity are not serving consumers as they should.

There have been cases where employees who were fired by a company posted false complaints against their former employers for revenge. More rampant abuse of complaints board sites has been seen by businesses that use deceptive practices themselves. They hire people to post false complaints on various complaints boards about their competitors to get an advantagee.

Tax Defense Network: Complaints That Are Resolved

Most complaints board sites do not allow users to delete complaints. Many times, companies respond to consumer complaints made on online complaint boards and resolve them. Consumers whose complaints have been resolved often want to delete their complaints, as they are no longer upset with the business concerned, but without the option, they are forced to use other means to let people know that their complaint was resolved.

Due to these limitations of complaints board sites, Tax Defense Network believes, consumers are not benefiting as much as they could from such platforms. Confusion regarding the authenticity of a complaint, or who authored the complaint, are the two biggest factors hurting the legitimacy of complaints boards today. For that, owners of complains boards should require an identification process that would remove much of the slandering taking place.

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