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Tax Defense Network Complaints: Satisfied Clients Is Our Success

January 3, 2013

Satisfying a client requires the will to provide honest, effective and speedy service. Tax Defense Network introduced their F.I.R.E (Fully Informed with Reasonable Expectations) and I.C.E (Ideal Client Experience) strategy that has played a pivotal role in helping the company achieve successful resolutions for their clients. The company’s F.I.R.E and I.C.E strategy has also helped warn taxpayers about the false claims that many fraudulent tax companies advertise about settling tax debts for practically pennies.

Under F.I.R.E, Tax Defense Network informs its clients about how the particulars of their case will affect its outcome. Based on the analysis of the taxpayers’ case, a course of action by a team will be determined. The goal of the company in every case is to achieve the best possible resolution to the satisfaction of the client and the IRS.

Under I.C.E, Tax Defense Network provides every client with details about possible outcomes, plans a strategy to achieve a speedy resolution, and takes the burden of analysis, preparation and negotiations from their clients. The founding principles of the company are experience, integrity reliability, and to provide the ideal client experience.

Tax Defense Network Complaints: Unsatisfied Clients

Tax Defense Network has been given an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Ratings by the BBB are given based on many standards, including the number of consumer complaints received and how the business responded to those complaints. Having an A- rating with the BBB speaks of the commitment of the company towards its clients’ satisfaction.

To prevent clients from having unrealistic expectations that are usually caused by false promises made by fraudulent tax services, Tax Defense Network gives a free consultation to taxpayers during the initial stages. This helps them in understanding what the company can do for them before they hire its services.

Tax Defense Network Complaints: National Tax Services

Tax Defense Network has earned the trust of American taxpayers because of its consistent good work. In the past, many fraudulent tax services were found guilty of false advertising and business practices. The success of these companies was short-lived because of their dishonesty.

Founded in 1997, Tax Defense Network has consulted with more than 126,000 American taxpayers. The company established the Gold Star Client Care Department in 2007 to effectively execute their F.I.R.E and I.C.E strategy.

Instead of selling unrealistic expectations to taxpayers, it is the responsibility of a tax service to guide taxpayers to a successful resolution by giving them accurate and factual information. This trend of making exaggerated claims set by some national tax companies is damaging for taxpayers looking to find authentic help. Tax Defense Network has created business strategies that ensure that every single taxpayer who seeks their assistance is fully satisfied with their services. It is because they believe that every company must understand the value of a customer.

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