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Tax Defense Network: Complaints Taxpayers Have About Filing Taxes

January 3, 2013

Everybody knows that filing taxes is not a simple task. Complicated tax codes, along with tax credits and deductions, make filing taxes complex. Therefore, most American taxpayers seek the help of tax preparers or tax software to prepare their tax returns. Many clients of Tax Defense Network share their complaints about the complexity of filing taxes with them and seek advice on how to file successfully.

Inaccuracies in filing taxes, intentional or otherwise, can lead to owing taxes. If that happens, a taxpayer will need to pay more to the IRS in terms of penalty and interest on taxes due. Taxpayers need to avoid making mistakes in filing taxes leading to tax debt.

Tax Defense Network: Complaints Due to Complexity

Sometimes taxpayers end up paying more to the IRS because of unintentional filing of inaccurate tax returns. Tax Defense Network has heard complaints from taxpayers about the complexity of the tax laws and tax codes that lead to inaccuracies in filing.

Many times, hiring a tax preparer proves to be fatal, as some tax preparers purposely file inaccurate tax returns to pocket large refunds. Tax Defense Network shares complaints about fraudulent tax preparers and advises taxpayers to double check the information provided on the form by a tax preparer to avoid getting duped. Many times, minor inaccuracies, such as putting the wrong Social Security Number or bank details, can lead to complications and delay in filing taxes correctly as well.

When filing taxes, it is best not to wait for the filing deadline. Filing returns quickly can lead to careless errors. If due to any reason, taxpayers know they will not be able to file taxes on time, they may apply for an extension from the IRS.

Tax Defense Network: Complaints about Credits & Deductions

Determining which credits and deductions a taxpayer qualifies for takes time and effort. There are so many tax deductions and tax credits that a taxpayer needs to have more than a basic knowledge of taxes to be able to get the maximum tax relief.

Taxpayers shared their complaints with Tax Defense Network about missing tax breaks and their confusion over which deductions to take. The simplest way to get accurate refunds, Tax Defense Network told taxpayers with complaints, is to hire a legitimate company that houses tax lawyers.

Tax Defense Network: e-filing Complaints

The IRS encourages taxpayers whose Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is $57,000 or less to file their returns through the e-filing section on their website. Although e-filing is fast and easy, Tax Defense Network responsibly informs taxpayers about the problems that they may encounter when filing online.

The problem of the data getting lost in transit because of technical glitches exists. If there are inaccuracies on the tax return, the IRS will provide the taxpayer with a code, and instructions on what the problem is and how it can be resolved.

Taxpayers who are not internet savvy often fall into the trap of scammers who steal their identity to file taxes on their behalf and claim large refunds. After listening to complaints of phishing and identity theft, Tax Defense Network advises taxpayers to use e-filing only if they are confident of filing taxes correctly. Filing safely, accurately, and on time will help taxpayers avoid problems with the IRS.

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