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Tax Defense Network Examines the Roni Deutch Rip-Off

December 6, 2011

Roni Rip-Off Facts

In 2010, California’s Licensed Tax Professional General Jerry Brown filed suit against Roni Deutch. The suit alleged false promises were made to the tax resolution firm’s clients amounting to numerous rip-off claims, which violate California state law. Roni Deutch’s company is one of the largest tax relief law firms in the U.S, so the actual cost to California citizens may never be known, but the suit against her asked for over $34 million.

Tax Defense Network Looks at the Rip-Off Facts

Client claims have been circulating the internet for some time, alleging the Roni Deutch law firms are a rip-off, and while it’s easy to scream “rip-off,” Tax Defense Network wanted to examine the facts to definitively answer “did Roni Deutch rip-off her clients?”

The suit by Licensed Tax Professional General Brown accuses Deutch of making unrealistic TV claims about winning tax verdicts with the IRS. What makes this claim a rip-off is when it creates a false promise to clients. The suit adds Deutch was claiming a success rate of up to 99 percent. If that claim was accurate, it would be nothing more than exemplary IRS negotiating skills, but Brown cried rip-off, and cited Roni’s actual success rate for reducing client tax debt to be around 10 percent. This rip-off may be outright illegal if false promises are also false advertising. Visit the Tax Defense Network: Scam Red Flags page to learn how to spot a rip-off tax debt company.

The Unrealistic Claims Rip-Off

Are we really wholly innocent in this rip-off? No, but we don’t blame the rip-off victim. Tax Defense Network does encourage a thoughtful analysis before any product purchase. Tax resolution services are no different than any other product or service. As a consumer, you are to research the tax company in question, so you won’t be the next rip-off victim.

Visit our Tax Defense Network Scams Report about the many different tax resolution companies that have been in hot water because of their rip-off business practices.

Tax Defense Network: Your Trustworthy Advisor

One way or another, rip-off programs will eventually be found out. Don’t be caught in the rip-off game. Investigate the tax company you plan to work with. Tax Defense Network has been in this business for 15 years. We provide realistic tax relief to American taxpayers. Our honest advice pricing have earned Tax Defense Network a Better Business Bureau A- rating. No hype, no rip-off, just the facts. Contact Tax Defense Network today for tax relief advice you can trust.

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