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Tax Defense Network Exposes the Offshore Tax Scam

November 28, 2011

Hiding income in offshore brokerage accounts, foreign banks, or overseas business entities is not a legitimate income tax solution; it’s a scam. Yet some scam promoters continue to come up with new twists on an old shell game. New offshore tax scam programs may counsel you to evade U.S. income taxes by using overseas trusts, offshore debit cards, credit cards, small anonymous wire transfers, and foreign annuities. Scam companies may advise you that you aren’t required to report income in offshore accounts, but they are wrong! Abusive offshore transactions are now the target of IRS crack downs on taxpayers, promoters, and any facilitators who enable these scam solutions.

Are you are in debt to the IRS? Then you need a legitimate answer to the problem. Tax Defense Network is not a scam; we provide tax solutions to taxpayers who need help with the IRS.

How to Exit the Offshore Tax Scam

If you think you may have been duped into an offshore tax scam, contact Tax Defense Network today! There is a voluntary disclosure program available through the proper IRS channels. This program may allow you amnesty on tax evasion if you voluntarily disclose offshore income, abandon the scam, and make arrangements to resolve unpaid taxes. The first offering of the disclosure solution for offshore scam programs ended August 31, 2011. This approach was so successful that tax relief insiders are speculating the access may still be available. Let Tax Defense Network help you bring an end to any tax shelter scam you may be involved in. Call us today.

Reporting Suspected Tax Scam Artists

If you have been misled by tax scam promoters, Tax Defense Network wants you to know that reporting the scam artist may be the right choice for you. IRS Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information, allows you to report a fraudulent scam to the IRS, and make you eligible for a reward. The IRS Whistleblower Office oversees the scam reporting process as explained in IRS Notice 2008-4. Your report should include detailed information such as:

  • Who is involved in the scam
  • What actions were witnessed
  • How much money was involved
  • Time and dates the alleged scam took place
  • Any other information helpful to IRS investigators

An offshore tax scam is taken very seriously by the IRS. Your report should be mailed directly to the Internal Revenue Service. The person reporting the scam may have their identity kept confidential.

Tax Defense Network: Your Anti-Scam Network

Tax scam companies pop-up like mold after a rainstorm. And when the light of day hits them, they fade away just as quickly. Scam advertising and scam billing is the stock in trade of these fly-by-night outfits you never heard of. Tax Defense Network has been in business for 15 years. We provide reliable professional tax relief services to the American taxpayer. Honesty, affordability and efficiency have earned Tax Defense Network an A Better Business Bureau rating. Contact Tax Defense Network today for reliable tax relief advice, and stay away from tax scam companies.

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