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Tax Defense Network: Our Experience & Expertise

March 13, 2012

When Tax Defense Network started in 1997, our vision was to create an institution where American taxpayers could turn to in order to receive genuine help with their tax troubles. Over the years, we have grown in reputation and experience, which has helped Tax Defense Network provide a better service to our clients. We are proud to say that today Tax Defense Network is one of the leading national tax resolution companies, serving thousands of taxpayers nationwide.

Tax Defense Network: Fastest Growing Private Company

The Jacksonville Business Journal, in its July 16, 2010 edition, recognized Tax Defense Network as the fastest growing private company. While we are proud of the honor and glad to have brought new jobs to the city of Jacksonville, we are even more proud of being able to help more taxpayers through our expertise and experience in resolving their tax issues.

Integrity and reliability has always been the force behind all our actions since we started our operations in 1997. We follow a strict code of ethics in a field that is plagued with high-profile scandals from some of the leading names in the industry, and it is because we keep a high standard of ethics that Tax Defense Network has been able to help American taxpayers through the years successfully.

Although we are excited about our growth, ours has not happened overnight. Tax Defense Network has been built up over the years through the hard work and persistence of our talented tax professionals. We have been able to construct Tax Defense Network around our ideals of integrity, experience and reliability, and we never stop striving to serve our clients better by improving upon our high standards.

“The more praise I got, the more I tried to deserve it,” Charles Dickens once said. Tax Defense Network is constantly working to deserve our success by benefiting more taxpayers through better services and an up-to-date understanding of the tax industry.

Tax Defense Network’s Information Resources

Along with providing excellent tax resolution services to American taxpayers, we are widely known as an excellent source of tax news and information. Apart from providing accurate tax information on our corporate website, Tax Defense Network has been taking part in many newspaper, radio and television interviews where our licensed tax professionals and tax professionals have answered pressing IRS issues ranging from individual tax forms to current political tax debates.

Over the years, we have helped many companies and individuals out of their tax troubles. We have provided tax assistance by helping taxpayers:

We even share our knowledge to help taxpayers resolve simple tax problems themselves with the many tax articles and resources on our website.

Our Team of Experts

Tax Defense Network has an in-house law department with licensed tax professionals, tax analysts, ex-IRS agents, and enrolled agents, all of whom are experts in dealing with a plethora of tax issues. From the paperwork to meetings, we take care of all dealings with the IRS for our clients with the goal of getting them in the best resolution possible.

Our team of experienced tax professionals are forever expanding their knowledge of tax laws to keep up with changing tax codes. Every tax professional on our team uses their specialization in their respective areas to help a client reach the best solution to their tax problem.

We invite you to call Tax Defense Network for free consultation at (888) 248-9058. You can watch videos and read testimonials from our clients, check our Better Business Bureau rating, and decide for yourself. Tax Defense Network has been the choice of thousands of Americans over the years. Call us today to get free tax relief advice and we will prove our worth.

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