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Tax Defense Network: Our Expert Staff

March 14, 2012

People make a company great, and Tax Defense Network celebrates its most important asset, our tax professionals, since the opening of our doors in 1997. Our team’s common mission of helping each client reach the best tax solution keeps us motivated to give our best every day.

Tax Defense Network’s Team of Professionals

Our team of tax specialists includes licensed tax professionals, tax analysts, enrolled agents and even an ex-IRS agent. From the day a taxpayer calls us for a free consultation, our professional team studies the particulars of their tax issue and provides expert help. Once a taxpayer hires Tax Defense Network, we utilize the talents of our entire team to get the best resolution for our client. Our tax professionals carefully take apart the tax code and use their in-depth knowledge of the IRS’ programs and policies to match our clients with the best IRS program that suits their situation.

How Tax Defense Network Gets a Solution for You

We recognize that every tax case is unique and requires different handling. That is why, unlike other companies, we do not make outrageous promises before we have looked into the particulars of your case.

Our process of getting a taxpayer the best solution with the IRS is simple: we do research. We conduct a careful and detailed analysis of your case, and then look for the best action for correcting your IRS debt as quickly as possible.

Our general guideline for all our clients consists of:

  • Providing the best and most qualified tax specialists
  • Mediating between the client and the IRS to get the best possible IRS compromises
  • Resolving the case in a timely manner
  • Keeping our clients informed through every step taken with their case

When you hire Tax Defense Network, we file a power of attorney with the IRS so that we can work with the IRS on your behalf, managing all the complications of the case and providing you a simple analysis of the process.

Our Mission at Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network is on a mission to provide the best tax solutions to American taxpayers. For that, our team of professionals are forever working to expand their knowledge and expertise of tax laws including the newest programs and policies of the IRS.

We follow our mission to grow in knowledge and services without forgetting our core values of integrity, experience and reliability.

If you have a tax problem and want genuine tax resolution service, Tax Defense Network is always there to support you. We offer free consultations so that you know upfront what we can achieve for you. Tax Defense Network has a reputation of honesty and experience, and is one of the leading names in the tax industry. Experience our services by calling us today at 888-248-9058.

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