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Tax Defense Network Reviews: Courtesy of Gold Star Customer Care

December 28, 2011

As a company who prides ourselves on our stellar BBB rating and high client satisfaction rating, we also understand we are not without our share of negative client reviews. Yet, Tax Defense Network goes a step further to reach out to our dissatisfied clients and try to amend whatever problem they have with our services.

Tax Defense Network Reviews: Gold Star Customer Care Can Help

We established our Gold Star Client Care department the moment we started our business with the primary goal of keeping our clients satisfied. While we promote this department to all of our clients, there are many who either forget about it or ignore it and post negative Tax Defense Network reviews on the internet without even letting us know there is a problem.

Gold Star Client Care is here to take compliments, complaints, and suggestions, all while keeping clients satisfied with their resolution process. For clients who do have a complaint or problem with our services, Gold Star does everything it can to remedy the situation by modifying the client’s tax resolution team members, reevaluating the client’s IRS debt resolution, or simply issuing a refund, per our policy. This is all done before clients post Tax Defense Network reviews.

These are the actions of our Gold Star Client Care, plus much more, including giving potential clients a second opinion, for free! Gold Star will evaluate the resolution plan other companies have provided, and decide if we can do better. If our company cannot put the taxpayer in a better IRS debt resolution, we let them know and do not charge them anything. But if we can improve a taxpayer’s situation, Gold Star will detail exactly what we can do for them, and how we will do it.

With the size of our company and the volume of clients we help (over 4,000 taxpayers per month nationwide), we know we cannot make everyone happy, but we strive to do better every day, and our Gold Star Client Care Department is how we plan to get better.

Tax Defense Network: Reviews versus Results

Though we would like all Tax Defense Network reviews to be positive, and the majority is, we know we cannot please everyone. However, we like to look at our clients’ resolution results as a better indicator of client satisfaction, as well as, the thousands of live Tax Defense Network reviews we have from taxpayers expressing the stellar service they received and the resolution that was reached for their tax problems.

We may not promise “pennies on the dollar” or a zero tax liability, but what we do promise we deliver, and that is a rarity in our industry. If you visit our Closed Case Files page, you will see the results we have given clients throughout our years in business. Our Client Testimonials page tells the stories of a few of our past clients that many current and potential clients can relate to.

Online Client Reviews: Tax Defense Network

It isn’t that Tax Defense Network reviews aren’t important, but it isn’t the main concern of our company; customer satisfaction is. We have a network set-up to handle any questions or concerns a client may have with our Gold Star Client Care department as well as, a team of professionals willing to go the extra mile to make our clients feel comfortable and in control of their own resolution. Tax Defense Network reviews on the Better Business Bureau site has helped us keep one of the highest rated companies in our industry for over a decade!

Our goal is to help taxpayers resolve their IRS debt quickly and affordably. We will not take you on as a client unless we are sure we can help. See what other clients are saying about us in their reviews of Tax Defense Network, and then call us for a free consultation about your tax issue, or for a second opinion.

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