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Tax Defense Network Reviews JK Harris Business Practices

December 30, 2011

Multiple JK Harris negative reviews interested Tax Defense Network; because we are committed to helping taxpayers overcome IRS debt ethically. When a company in our industry falls far below our high standards, we must warn the American taxpayer. Legal actions taken by the South Carolina Licensed Tax Professionals General earned JK Harris a Tax Defense Network Reviews Warning.

Tax Defense Network Reviews: JK Harris & South Carolina Licensed Tax Professional General

Client complaints poured into the Licensed Tax Professionals General office. Negative taxpayer evaluations stated that JK Harris charged them large upfront fees for resolving their overdue tax cases for “pennies on the dollar“, but never delivered the help promised. The decision to file suit was fueled by reports of JK Harris abuses of an IRS program called “Offer in Compromise.” An Offer in Compromise is essentially a debt settlement offer, but it is subject to serious restrictions before acceptance. High pressure salesmen at JK Harris mislead taxpayers into thinking they qualified for the program, or worse, would “bait” them into becoming a client and then “switch” the program to a standard Installment Agreement.

Purposeful disguise of the reviews process may constitute a deceptive business practice punishable by law. Licensed Tax Professionals General assessments of multiple grievances made by South Carolina taxpayers led to a class action law suit. JK Harris’ location in North Charleston then sent legal reviews of this suit to Charleston County Circuit Court Judge Perry M. Buckner III.

Soon after filing, press reviews stated JK Harris would settle the case “to avoid the cost and distraction of litigating class actions in multiple venues.” Roy Strickland, a forensic accountant was chosen to make reviews of JK Harris’ ability to pay. Judge Buckner presided over final legal reviews of “whether the settlement is fair, adequate and reasonable.” At final judgment, JK Harris was court ordered to pay $6 million dollars to make up for harms they caused innocent taxpayers. Statistical reviews identified nearly 68,000 potential victims in this case.

Tax Defense Network Reviews: Happy Clients

Just like any other business, there are Tax Defense Network reviews. However, we are proud of who we are, and we’re confident that honest Tax Defense Network reviews tell a consistently positive story. So we encourage clients to let other taxpayers know of our successful track record. We invite you to examine our Better Business Bureau Reviews to make sure you get the quality tax help you need. Our Tax Defense Network reviews record consists of 15 years of dedicated service to American taxpayers just like you.

We are here to help the many small-businesses and individual taxpayers dealing with tax debt. We do it honestly, affordably, and in the quickest time possible. Our company employs certified IRS Enrolled Agents and Licensed Tax Professionals. We are confident that Tax Defense Network reviews will lead taxpayers to see that to we are American taxpayers’ choice for trustworthy tax debt relief.

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