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Tax Defense Network Reviews: Our Services

March 14, 2012

We take pride in our services. Tax Defense Network has been instrumental in resolving tax issues of thousands of American taxpayers through the years. Many of our past clients have shared their experiences through various platforms including our web page dedicated to our clients where they tell the world about their journey with us to the successful resolution of their tax troubles.

Our team of tax professionals, whom we call “Foxhound,” hunts down the root cause of our clients’ tax troubles. Our licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents and tax analysts get on your case as soon as you hire Tax Defense Network. They study the particulars of your case and finds out the best IRS program for your situation and budget. Our team offers you the best possible solution, not empty promises.

Tax Defense Network: Offer in Compromise

We have successfully matched many of our clients with an Offer in Compromise program, which allows a taxpayer to settle their tax debt for less than the total amount owed. Legally, a tax debt can be compromised only when there is doubt as to whether or not the IRS is able to collect the debt from you, or whether or not you owe to the IRS. Apart from these circumstances, qualifying for this IRS program is impossible, and we let our clients know that upfront.

An Offer in Compromise is one of the most abused IRS programs that many tax relief companies have used to scam innocent taxpayers by promising a heavy tax debt reduction. Although an Offer in Compromise can reduce a tax debt considerably, not all taxpayers qualify because of its terms and conditions. Tax Defense Network has been spreading awareness about the Offer in Compromise program for years, educating taxpayers on what to look out for and how to avoid being scammed.

Tax Defense Network: Installment Agreement

As its name suggests, this IRS program allows you to pay back your tax debt in regular monthly installments. If a taxpayer is unable to pay the total tax debt in a single payment, Tax Defense Network suggests paying the debt in payments.

We work with the IRS to look for the most appropriate amount that the taxpayer will be able to pay each month. Before we match our clients with an Installment Agreement, we inform them the total amount paid and the time-period may vary depending on the case and the finances of each client.

Before choosing an Installment Agreement for our clients, Tax Defense Network looks for other sources that can help reduce your tax liability so that the taxpayer saves money on penalties and interest. It is only after a careful financial analysis, the exact amount the client will need to pay each month, and the time-period of the Installment Agreement is known. The tax professionals at Tax Defense Network work with the IRS and our client to come up with the best possible solution that our client is comfortable with.

Tax Defense Network leads from the front on any issues involving taxes. Our expert team of tax professionals work passionately on every case to come up with the best results for our clients. We share the common goal of bringing the finest solutions to our clients with honesty, integrity and care because that is the motto of Tax Defense Network.

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