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Tax Defense Network Reviews: The Fall of American Tax Relief

December 30, 2011

Tax Defense Network is committed to helping taxpayers overcome IRS debt ethically. When a company in our industry falls far enough below our high standards, we must warn the people. A legal evaluation by the Federal Trade Commission led them to file suit against American Tax Relief (ATR), LLC, landing them on our Tax Defense Network Reviews Warning list.

Tax Defense Network Reviews Warning: American Tax Relief & U.S. District Court

A torrent of negative taxpayer critiques against American Tax Relief claimed little or no return on ATR’s services. The Federal Trade Commission led them to estimate 20,000 taxpayers had been scammed. Reviews by FTC Division Chief David Vladek concluded “we have not been able to find a single one” taxpayer that American Tax Relief helped.

The FTC provided records during early federal examinations that Alexander Seung Hahn, the owner of American Tax Relief, was still on probation for marketing fraud. Chicago federal district court evidentiary reviews ended with a temporary order freezing all assets of American Tax Relief and all of its owners during trial.

U.S. District Court located an affidavit that Alexander Hahn started American Tax Relief in 1999 by using a stolen list of clients. His very first client-list was stolen from the tax-relief firm where Hahn formerly worked. The same report indicated Hahn had bribed their secretary to steal the list.

The Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, and law enforcement reports found 497 grievances against American Tax Relief made by 410 different clients between 2002 and 2008. Negative client reviews recorded IRS negotiation failures only cost them additional penalties. Even darker evaluations revealed alleged unauthorized withdrawals from bank accounts and credit card charges. Division Chief Vladek said that the FTC determined American Tax Relief took taxpayers for approximately $60 million between January 2004 and October 2008 alone.

Tax Defense Network: Reviews Reflect Who We Are

Like any business, Tax Defense Network reviews are not all glowing recommendations, but we are proud of who we are, and proud that are clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with our tax debt services. We encourage our former clients to share Tax Defense Network reviews of our track record, our client commitment, and our client relations post-settlement. We invite all taxpayers to examine our Better Business Bureau rating. Our Tax Defense Network reviews record reflects 15 years of dedicated service to American taxpayers just like you.

We are here to help the many small-businesses and American taxpayers dealing with tax debt, and we do it honestly, affordably, and in the quickest time possible. We employ certified IRS Enrolled Agents and Licensed Tax Professionals, and we’re confident that asking our clients to write their own Tax Defense Network reviews will help reinforce the reason why we are American taxpayers’ choice for trustworthy tax debt relief.

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