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Tax Defense Network Reviews: Why Our Clients Are Satisfied

April 9, 2012

When looking for tax relief, consumers should be wary of companies with over-the-top promises of tax settlements. Taking a few moments to search the internet for these companies reveals the overwhelmingly high number of clients dissatisfied with their services. While we understand every company will have negative reviews, Tax Defense Network has spotted many tax debt companies with an unusually high number of complaints, all with a reoccurring theme: they didn’t fulfill their promise.

Could these clients have false impressions of what the company could deliver because the company provoked unrealistic expectations in order to take their money, with no intention of actually living up to the expectations the clients had? Yes.

Tax Defense Network Reviews: Fire & Ice

With so much false information going around, it is hard not to believe the hype, no matter how outlandish. Many taxpayers call us with large tax debts, expecting us to be able to settle for mere pennies, and do not accept that we simply cannot do that. In order to avoid these types of online reviews, Tax Defense Network established a business practice called FIRE & ICE: Fully Informed with Reasonable Expectations while also providing an Ideal Client Experience.

This practice has been successful for over a decade in keeping clients satisfied and our promises kept while helping taxpayers reach resolutions with the IRS. There isn’t an aspect of our company that isn’t shaped by our FIRE & ICE maxim.

Our tax professionals are the first to apply FIRE & ICE when discussing the goals of the client and how we can successfully settle their tax case. Then our Gold Star Customer Care department makes sure all of our clients’ expectations are met as discussed during the resolution plan. Finally, once the resolution is achieved, our clients are satisfied because their goals were met, and our services were the reason. This is how Tax Defense Network reviews differ from other companies. We make sure the client is fully aware of what can and cannot be done before we take them on as a client.

Tax Defense Network Reviews: Letting the Clients Speak for Us

Recently, we launched a campaign asking clients to write Tax Defense Network reviews so that other taxpayers suffering from tax debt can be told of the services we provide. To our surprise, we didn’t have to explain what the campaign was about because many of our clients were more than happy to write about us and what we did for them. We were overwhelmed with the response and the amount of Tax Defense Network reviews we amassed.

Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say:

We at Tax Defense Network take our clients’ satisfaction seriously and would never do anything unethical or break a promise just because it may help our bottom line. Our goal is to help taxpayers reach a quick and affordable solution with the IRS, and we accomplish that by laying out achievable goals with practical means. With us, there are no gimmicks or “bait and switch” tactics, only a fundamental understanding of tax law and an unwavering desire to help as many people as we can. Call now for a free consultation, and ask about the Tax Defense Network reviews from past clients.

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