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Tax Defense Network Rip-Off Warning: Identity Theft

December 6, 2011

One of the rip-off tactics criminals regularly use is to rip-off the IRS by using your identity! This rip-off has grown into an epidemic in some areas of the US, and now identity thieves are banding together to form giant identity rip-off rings. Hundreds and even thousands of bogus tax returns are submitted into the IRS system every year, so do not assume you are immune to identity rip-off schemes. Tax Defense Network warns all taxpayers to guard their identity information closely at all times, and especially during tax season.

Tax Defense Network discovered rip-off artists can steal identities by researching family trees to locate recently deceased taxpayers using Ancestry.com. The rip-off artist then proceeds to file IRS tax returns using the deceased taxpayer’s information. Some rip-off rings use large lists of personal data, in order to rip-off hundreds of taxpayers’ identities at a time, targeting medical facilities and collection agencies. Research shows dumpster diving is still used to rip-off personal identities, so make sure you shred all mail you receive with personal information, and do not give personal data over email. Tax Defense Network recommends you never divulge your sensitive information to any company without investigating their identity rip-off security measures.

Identity Rip-Off Enters Cyberspace

Criminals preferred filing their rip-off tax returns on-line using self-filing websites, such as Turbo Tax, Tax Hawk, and Tax Slayer. The IRS allows multiple means of receiving your refund and rip-off scammers have adapted several of them. Tax scam artists order their refunds by U.S. Treasury checks, or as Green Dot credit cards, which can be mailed to empty homes or even inhabited homes, where rip-off artists know the resident. Some bold rip-off thieves even received stolen tax money by direct deposit to fraudulent bank accounts. These fake accounts were opened under the same rip-off identities used to summon the fraudulent tax refund.

Tax Defense Network: Your Rip-Off Defender

This rip-off scheme is not at all a victimless crime because Tax Defense Network knows how rip-off thieves can destroy livelihoods. However you may feel about the IRS, these rip-off villains are stealing funds from the pockets of the American taxpayer, and that isn’t right!

For the last 15 years, Tax Defense Network has proudly provided needed tax relief to taxpayers suffering under the weight of back tax debt. We have earned a Better Business Bureau “A” rating by providing trustworthy and professional tax debt representation to taxpayers just like you. If you have a tax debt because of an identity rip-off scheme, call Tax Defense Network today!

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