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Tax Defense Network Ripoff Investigation: Government Grants for Taxpayers

December 16, 2011

Tax Defense Network ripoff investigation has turned up yet another scheme where ripoff artists pose as IRS agents, but this time it’s over the phone.

Ripoff artists have had to think of new ways to gain access to taxpayers’ identity information since so many have wised up to the email scam many taxpayers have fallen victim to. Tax Defense Network ripoff investigation uncovered the inner workings of this con so we could warn taxpayers like you of the signs to look for when you receive a call from the “IRS.”

Tax Defense Network Ripoff Revealed

In this scheme, ripoff artists call unsuspecting taxpayers to explain their credit score, and on-time filing has made them eligible for a $10,000 no-obligation grant. They go to explain that the federal program is designed to upstart the economy by giving compliant taxpayers money. That story sounds amazing, but Tax Defense Network’s ripoff investigative reporting exposes the catch: all they need is your banking information so they can deposit the money electronically.

There will be a lot of urgency in their voices, telling you that this is a limited time offer from then government, and that you will not be responsible to pay back the grant. These ripoff artists will be very convincing, using fake federal i.d. numbers and use industry jargon, but do not be swayed; the government never just surprises people with free money.

Tax Defense Network Ripoff: Don’t Be a Victim

This is the latest in a string of ripoff schemes that Tax Defense Network revealed, but this one is the most dangerous because it happens over the phone. This allows ripoff artists to gain your sympathy, trust, and play off of any information you provide in order to gain your routing number.

The best advice we can give you about this ripoff is to hang up as soon as they ask for your banking information. Then you should call the IRS as soon as you are finished speaking with them and report the number they call you from. The more these types of ripoff schemes are reported, the better the IRS can go after the scammers involved.

These types are of ripoff schemes begin during the first of the year and continue through the beginning of summer. Read the other Tax Defense Network ripoff reports to learn about other tax schemes.

If you are a victim of a ripoff, Tax Defense Network can help. We take pride in our A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our goal is to help taxpayers resolve their IRS debt easily and affordably. Remember, we will not take you on as a client unless we are sure we can help. Call us today for a free consultation about your tax issue.

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