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Tax Defense Network: Scam Companies Exposed

December 12, 2011

You want to get out of debt with the IRS. You are up against a huge wall. So you would think tax debt relief companies would want to help you, not scam you, right? Sadly, some companies see your need as their opportunity to sell you on a resolution that you don’t qualify for, or doesn’t put you in a better position, essentially a scam. To distinguish a legitimate tax debt company, like Tax Defense Network, from a scam one, you need to educate yourself on the various IRS resolution programs and their qualifications.

You have taken the first step to resolving your back tax debt by researching tax relief scams. We at Tax Defense Network applaud you, and are here to help you make an educated choice, by providing information on the greatest tax relief scam on earth.

The Pennies on the Dollar Scam

Sounds good, almost too good to be true? Some tax debt companies guarantee your experience with them will always result in pennies on the dollar tax scam, but you won’t be the victim of this con game.

Now “scam” is far too simple a word for any licensed tax professional to use, so several State Licensed Tax Professionals General have labeled these scam tax programs as “deceptive trade practices.” And they sued tax relief companies for using such scam words in their advertising. It is important to know that this “pennies on the dollar” scam is so misleading that it has landed many back tax companies court. Tax Defense Network doesn’t advertise these highly selective IRS programs because we know it is deceptive and irresponsible.

Shame on these scam artists! Taxpayers do need real tax debt solutions. These scam tax relief companies are like a lifeboat charging you through the nose for a seat. Still worse, after you pay the price for admission, they often leave you on the “IRS Titanic” to drown.

How to Avoid the Scam

Trust your instincts, and keep educating yourself. If you hear the “pennies on the dollar” sales pitch, you are hearing a scam. You don’t need an advertising scam, you need real help. So if the tax debt consultant you are talking to starts this song and dance, treat them like the scam artist they are, and walk away.

We have been helping taxpayers resolve their tax debt for over a decade, with a client success rate that doesn’t depend unreasonable expectations. Tax Defense Network has helped many of the taxpayers who have been burned by the scam practices mentioned on this page.

If you want straight tax relief advice, call Tax Defense Network today! We won’t guarantee you a “pennies on the dollar” scam, but we will fight for every penny in your dollar! Don’t waste your time with unrealistic tax debt scams. Work with a company that has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. At Tax Defense Network, there are no tricks, no scam programs, just the plain truth.

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