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Tax Defense Network Scams Report

September 9, 2011

The Federal Trade Commission hopes to warn consumers about potential tax debt relief scams with their new web page, and Tax Defense Network wanted to do the same by introducing the Tax Defense Network Scams Report. We’ve compiled the latest companies to get busted by the FTC and Licensed Tax Professionals General with public closures, class-action lawsuits and settlements for scams against clients.

Scams Report: American Tax Relief

This firm was shut down by the FTC for scams including: false advertising, deceptive business practices, and taking more than $60 million in service fees from billing scams.

The FTC called advertising the Offer in Compromise program, where annually only 14 percent of applicants are accepted by the IRS, one of the many “bait and switch” scams.

Scams Report: Roni Deutch

The “tax lady” herself recently gave up her license to practice law after being sued by multiple Licensed Tax Professionals General for $34 million. Deutch is charged with scams including: false advertising, refusing to refund clients, destroying documents, and business practice scams.

Scams Report: J.K. Harris

This company recently settled a million-dollar lawsuit with the Texas Licensed Tax Professional General for scams including misrepresenting its IRS negotiation results to clients.

That isn’t the first time J.K Harris has been sued for scams involving its business practices. In 2007, 18 Licensed Tax Professionals General settled a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of their states’ residents for scams including deceptive marketing, billing scams, and business practice scams.

Scams Report: Tax Masters

With over 800 complaints of scams filed with the Better Business Bureau, Tax Masters has seen lawsuits filed against them from the Texas and Minnesota Licensed Tax Professionals General for scams including running high-pressure sales scams on consumers with promises of “pennies on the dollar” settlements.

Don’t Fall Victim to Scams

With any field, there are scams by people looking to make quick money, fooling people who are looking for quick results. These business scams may grab headlines, but in actuality, they only make up a fraction of the industry.

It is important that consumers research a company thoroughly before becoming a client. Furthermore, the FTC will be watching the advertising scams and business ethics of the tax debt industry more closely to ensure that while the companies conduct their business, they have the taxpayer’s best interest in mind and are not driving profits with scams that misrepresent its ability to settle tax debts.

Tax Defense Network Is Different

For the 15 years Tax Defense Network has been in business, our goal has been to quickly and effectively help taxpayers drowning in tax debt. However, there are tax relief businesses that have tarnished the trust between the American taxpayer and the tax debt relief industry by taking advantage of their clients with advertising scams and billing scams.

We are Tax Defense Network. We are here to help the many small-businesses and American taxpayers dealing with tax debt. We do it honestly, affordably, in the quickest time possible. Tax Defense Network is a tax debt relief company that holds an A- Better Business Bureau rating and employs certified IRS Enrolled Agents and Licensed Tax Professionals. Get reliable tax debt relief with Tax Defense Network, and stay away from tax debt scams.

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