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Tax Defense Network Specializes in Penalty Abatement

March 20, 2012

Tax Defense Network has been offering expert solutions to taxpayers since 1997. Our in-depth knowledge about IRS programs, the US tax code and the tax debt resolution procedure allows us to match our clients with the most appropriate IRS program. At Tax Defense Network, we urge taxpayers to research tax debt companies and we advise them to look for the right tax resolution company for them, even if it isn’t Tax Defense Network.

Our clients understand we reach a solution only after carefully studying a case, and mediating between our client and the IRS. Tax Defense Network specializes in the IRS program Penalty Abatement and provides information about this program along with our other expert services.

Tax Defense Network: Penalty Abatement – Who Qualifies?

The IRS charges penalties and interest on taxes that are overdue. The IRS will begin to charge interest along with penalties for any taxes owed as soon as the amount is assessed. This is done to encourage taxpayers to pay their tax debt quickly and in full. What about the larger tax debts? What if a taxpayer just doesn’t have the money to pay the tax debt in full at the time?

At Tax Defense Network, we have successfully worked on behalf of our clients to relieve them of penalties and reduce interest with the Penalty Abatement program of the IRS. However, the IRS accepts a Penalty Abatement only if there is a good reason for failing to file taxes on time. Some of the acceptable circumstances are:

  • A major family crisis: divorce, separation, serious illness, and a death in the family
  • Extreme Conditions: theft, natural calamities, or other events that led to the loss of tax records
  • Wrong advice from a tax professional
  • Financial Crisis: unemployment and medical costs
  • Imprisonment or abduction

If the reason is genuine and can be proven, it increases the chances of getting a penalty abatement for your tax debt. Tax Defense Network investigates the reason the taxpayer failed to file taxes, informs the client about the amount they will need to pay, and works to reduce the penalties as much as possible, while also negotiating a fair plan to pay back the amount owed to the IRS.

Tax Defense Network: Providing Correct Information for Penalty Abatement

As the reason for failing to file taxes is of paramount importance in Penalty Abatement, it is important to provide as much information about the cause to strengthen the case. The IRS needs to be convinced with facts that will prove why a taxpayer qualifies for Penalty Abatement. If a taxpayer is unable to deal with the IRS, Tax Defense Network advises to take the services of a tax resolution company for assistance.

Tax Defense Network specializes in dealing with the Penalty Abatement program. We have provided tax debt relief to many of our clients. Tax Defense Network has a strong record of successfully resolving “failing to file” tax issues for our clients. If you think you may qualify for a penalty abatement, call us for a free consultation.

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