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Tax Defense Network: The Gold Standard in Ethics

March 13, 2012

Ethics are the backbone of any company. We, in the tax debt resolution industry, understand the importance of trust, honesty and ethics more than other industries because of the sensitive nature of our work. For over a decade, Tax Defense Network has been helping taxpayers resolve their IRS tax problems. Our clients choose us because they trust us to handle their tax issues professionally and confidentially.

Tax Defense Network Motto: Experience, Integrity & Reliability

Integrity and reliability has always been the force behind all our actions since we started our operations in 1997. We follow a strict code of ethics in a field that is plagued with high-profile scandals from some of the leading names in the industry, and it is because we keep a high standard of ethics that Tax Defense Network has been able to help American taxpayers through the years successfully.

An essential part of our job is to present the real picture behind the false myths about IRS programs to our clients. Every client of Tax Defense Network is fully informed about the particulars of their case and the possible outcomes, so that they have realistic expectations from what the IRS will accept and what we can achieve for them.

Tax Defense Network has been a leader in the tax debt relief industry for many years, so we understand the worries of our clients. We help our clients overcome their anxiousness by communicating with them frequently, informing them about every detail of their case, and helping them understand the IRS programs and policies they qualify for.

Why Taxpayers Choose Tax Defense Network

Some of the reasons why taxpayers have consistently chosen Tax Defense Network to resolve their tax issues are:

  • Transparency
    Our operations are totally transparent. From the day Tax Defense Network clients call for a free consultation to the day their tax troubles are resolved, they are kept up-to-date about their case. We do not charge a retainer fee, and the fee does not change over time. Everything is on the table from the beginning so that the client can make an informed decision based on what is in their best interest.
  • Refund
    We make best efforts to resolve our clients’ tax problems, but we also offer a refund in case they are not satisfied. We believe in being fair to our clients. After all, a responsible company should take care of all its clients, happy or not.
  • Practicality
    It is very easy for other tax debt relief firms to make big claims, but it is difficult for them to live up to them. We do not make exaggerated claims because it can hurt our clients by wasting their time and money. We at Tax Defense Network believe in telling our clients the truth about their case, how we can best resolve it, and all about the fee involved. In the end, it is practicality that a taxpayer appreciates. Many clients aren’t looking for a miracle. Most just want a real solution to end the stress and uncertainty that comes with dealing with a tax debt. Tax Defense Network knows this and strives to give the best REAL solutions with no gimmicks or tricks.
  • Freedom
    Tax Defense Network does not have a “Locked In” policy that means a client cannot cancel a contract. We give freedom to our clients to cancel the contract if they feel so within three days of signing. This provides clients the flexibility to seek a second option. This is our “No Pressure” policy which keeps the stress off our clients during a very stressful time.

The mission of Tax Defense Network is to provide the best service to fellow taxpayers without the hype, exaggerated claims and restricting company policies. We never forget our mission statement of experience, integrity and reliability. After all, if the roots are strong, the tree will be healthy.

We proudly invite you to examine our Better Business Bureau record and see the difference for yourself. We employ certified IRS Enrolled Agents and Licensed Tax Professionals to make sure clients get the quality tax help needed to overcome the IRS. Tax Defense Network is the American taxpayers’ choice for trustworthy tax debt relief, and we never want that to change. Contact Tax Defense Network today for tax relief advice you can trust.

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