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Tax Defense Network: Wage Garnishment & Its Resolution

March 20, 2012

It is wise to plan out a solution when faced with a problem, and to do it quickly. Wage garnishment is a tax problem that can be resolved if the taxpayer knows when and where to get help. Tax Defense Network has been the rescuer of American taxpayers who find themselves in trouble with the IRS due to non-payment of taxes.

Tax Defense Network Explains Wage Garnishment

It is important for a taxpayer who has been issued a wage levy or wage garnishment by the IRS to know exactly what it is. A wage garnishment means the IRS will deduct a certain amount of money from your compensation, i.e. your pay check, to fulfill your tax debt. Before the IRS starts the process of a wage garnishment, it sends out notices to the taxpayer. Notices are sent only after the taxpayer does not initiate a resolution to clear the back taxes owed. Some of the kinds of notices the IRS sends are:

The taxpayer may appeal to the IRS to stop a wage garnishment.

Tax Defense Network has stopped wage garnishment actions, and negotiated with the IRS to relieve the burden off the client. Some of the convincing arguments we have used to resolve a wage levy are:

  • The taxpayer paid the tax debt before the IRS sent out the levy notice.
  • The taxpayer did not get an opportunity to dispute the liability.
  • The IRS made an error in assessing the liability.
  • The taxpayer wishes to discuss the collection options.
  • The taxpayer wants to make a spousal defense.
  • The statute of limitations expired before the IRS sent the levy notice.
  • The taxpayer was in bankruptcy when the levy notice was sent.

There are various ways through which a taxpayer can receive relief from the IRS in cases of wage garnishment. Tax Defense Network has the in-depth knowledge of tax laws and IRS programs to help enter taxpayers into successful resolutions. Clients know Tax Defense Network not only has the experience but ample resources needed to negotiate fair payment agreements for those with a tax debt.

Tax Defense Network: Resolution of Wage Garnishment without Help

In case a taxpayer does not receive help from tax professionals or tax resolution companies and ignores the procedure of a wage garnishment started by the IRS, the IRS will end the levy when:

  • The taxpayer pays the tax debt in full.
  • The statute of limitations expires for legally collecting the tax debt.
  • The levy is released.

Most of the time, the IRS will try to collect the tax debt as quickly as they can. They will only stop the process when arrangements are made to pay off the debt.

Tax Defense Network suggests taxpayers respond to IRS notices and work to resolve the issue to avoid a wage garnishment. In cases where the IRS has started the process of a wage garnishment, you can seek our help for a successful and affordable resolution to release your wage garnishment. Tax Defense Network is one of the national leaders in dealing with tax issues, maintaining an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. It speaks of our honesty, integrity, experience, and the satisfaction of our clients. Call Tax Defense Network today to see what we can do about your tax debt and wage garnishment.

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