Tax Defense Network PR makes it easy for taxpayers to get their tax problems resolved by keeping them updated about tax scams, tax services and tax news. Every taxpayer deserves the best tax service with professionals who have years of experience handling various IRS problems. Tax Defense Network PR, therefore, put together Jonathan Bochese & the Foxhound Department: Tax Defense Network’s Fearless Hunters to negotiate the best possible resolutions with the IRS.

Tax Defense Network PR explains that the term Foxhound was given to the team of experts because of the loyalty, bravery and aggressiveness of a foxhound, which the Foxhound team adopts when fighting a case with the IRS. Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound team has approximately 50 tax professionals, including eight licensed tax professionals, led by senior licensed tax professional Jonathan Bochese. The company’s Foxhound team has 125 years of experience in the tax industry.

Along with explaining how the tax professionals are able to negotiate IRS resolutions, Tax Defense Network PR department has been making efforts to keep taxpayers safe from tax scams and frauds with articles on tax scams, such as Tax Defense Network – Fraud? Scam? Watch Out & Get Real Tax Relief. Tax Defense Network PR has been informing taxpayers of the various ways taxpayers can get real help.

There is genuine help available for taxpayers who want to get their tax problems resolved without wasting their time, money and effort. Tax Defense Network consults over 4,000 taxpayers with tax debt problems every month and has seen over $3.3 billion tax debt since its inception. Tax Defense Network PR highlights cases the company has negotiated in its Is Tax Defense Network a Good Company to Work With? series.

A classic case is that of Jan and Allen of North Carolina, who had a tax debt of approximately $83,000 due to years of unfiled taxes. Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound team lowered their original debt amount by amending their 2009 tax return and filing their 2010 and 2011 returns. Tax Defense Network PR explained how the company’s tax analysts discovered Jan and Allen could afford to pay only a small amount to the IRS that wasn’t even enough to cover IRS penalties and interest on the debt, negotiating a hardship program for the couple with the IRS.

Just like Jan and Allen, there are thousands of taxpayers who are in need of help, and can get a resolution that will resolve all their tax worries. The aim of Tax Defense Network PR is to help taxpayers get easy and quick solutions to their tax problems. Tax Defense Network through PR has successfully informed many taxpayers about IRS programs, tax debt resolution, IRS policies, tax services and how to stay out of tax debt.