Summer is officially coming to a close with taxpayers returning from vacation and the start of school. Many small businesses are gearing up for fall and the holiday season, when consumers spend the most money of the year. To ensure small businesses are ready to take on the holiday season in full force, the company created their Small Business Tax Debt Solutions Team, and dubbed August “Small Business Appreciation Month,” offering a $500 discount to all small business owners in need of tax debt help.

Ken Thomson, a small business owner, host of Sports X Radio, and former Tax Defense Network client recently sat down with senior managing licensed tax professional Jonathan Bochese, to talk about his experience with the company and why it was so beneficial for him.

“What I really appreciated about Tax Defense Network was that [the] company won’t take on a case unless [they] feel it is something that [they] will be able to handle and help out with,” Ken told Jonathan during the interview.

“At the end of the day, it’s very important… [that a company] put customers first. They are always thinking of their clients and their customers, and putting their clients before business decisions. That makes a strong business in the long run, and Tax Defense Network knows that,” Jonathan explained.

Jonathan Bochese manages eight licensed tax professionals, four enrolled agents, and a certified public accountant, as well as countless other tax analysts, and case coordinators within the “Foxhound” department. The tax professionals at Tax Defense Network have over 35 years of experience in tax debt negotiations, and have resolved over $120 million in client tax debts since the company’s inception.

“Very rarely do I endorse anything, but I found myself in a difficult pinch, and I was able to get in touch with Tax Defense Network,” Ken stated. “The people I worked with never dropped the ball. When they said there was going to be an email, there was an email. When they said there was going to be a phone call, there was a phone call. When they told me not to open things from the IRS, or not to worry about threatening letters that were coming; I’ll tell you, that feeling, that first feeling, and I am feeling it now because I am talking to you, it’s a feeling of comfort.”

Tax Defense Network understands that the end of the year can make or break a business and one with tax debt needs the revenue in order to have any hope of paying their tax liability. The company set a goal to assist 500 small businesses during the month of August to resolve their IRS issues, offering a $500 discount to make it even easier for small businesses to receive the help they need.