Tax Defense Network introduced their Small Business Tax Debt Solutions Team to the public in August with the aim to help 500 small businesses resolve their IRS issues. The company has dubbed the next 31 days “Small-Business Appreciation Month,” offering a $500 discount to all small-business owners in need of tax debt help.

Tax Defense Network recognizes that not every small business employs several people; sometimes it is just a few people trying to develop their ideas into a major company. However, they are still subject to the same rules as those with a staff. Kenneth Thomson, a sportscaster for Sports X Radio out of Las Vegas, Nevada, learned this lesson when he came to Tax Defense Network.

Ken was unfiled for several years and receiving letters from the IRS about taxes due. Worried his IRS issues would affect his business, Ken wanted to resolve his tax issue quickly. When Tax Defense Network resolved his tax problem, Ken was so satisfied that he invited Senior Licensed Tax Professional Jonathan Bochese on his show for an interview.

“Very rarely do I endorse anything,” Ken stated, “but I found myself in a difficult pinch, and I was able to get in touch with Tax Defense Network, and you guys were a big-time blessing to me.”

“We represent clients from across the country, from all walks of life; some are doctors and lawyers, some are truck drivers, self-employed individuals, small businesses with employees,” explained Jonathan Bochese.

“On the small business side, we have clients who are self-employed, and they take on a few employees as the economy gets better, and they don’t always make their estimated deposits on time. We are very good with getting those 941 and 940 returns filed. Any issues with estimated tax payments, getting them squared away and then putting them into a reasonable payment plan.” Tax Defense Network understands the confusion many small businesses have when first starting out. There are many rules and regulations that owners may not be aware of, and in addition, the tax obligations can be overwhelming. That is why the company created the August small-business special, offering a $500 discount for their services to all business owners.

“My [small-business] clients face harsh and aggressive actions from the IRS, and many of them have 5 to 25 employees relying on them,” stated Sarah Deierlein, Enrolled Agent at Tax Defense Network. “At Tax Defense Network, we know that [our clients’] business is very important to [them]; it’s their livelihood, and not only that, it’s their employees’ livelihood. The IRS can be very aggressive, and they take their jobs very seriously, and at Tax Defense Network, we do too!”