Tax Defense Network was recently accepted into the Jacksonville Jaguars Season Ticket Holder Rewards Program. This is an amazing opportunity to inform a new audience of their services, and provide a special promotional discount to taxpayers in need. The discount offered could save taxpayers thousands.

“Tax Defense Network is proud to be partnering with the Jacksonville Jaguars in their season ticket holder rewards program. It’s great to support our local team in any way possible and to assist season ticket holders with finding winning situations for their tax problem. It’s the ultimate win for all involved,” says the Vice President of Operations for Tax Defense Network.

The Jacksonville Jaguars Rewards program is a ticket to discounts and savings from a wide variety of merchants and partners in the Jacksonville area. Discounts are provided on a wide range of items, and Tax Defense Network is the only company in the program to offer a discount on important, life changing financial services involving tax debt negotiation and representation.

“Here at Tax Defense Network, we provide a wide range of services and have helped hundreds of taxpayers free of charge,” says a Senior Analyst at Tax Defense Network. “Putting our name out there through the Jacksonville Jaguars Season Ticket Holder Rewards Program will help spread the word about our services and help hundreds more.”