Tax Defense Network understands that many times taxpayers who owe the Internal Revenue Service simply cannot afford to pay their entire debt. For taxpayers that qualify, the IRS offers tax debt reduction payment options such as the Offer in Compromise and the Partial Payment Installment Agreement.

In an Offer in Compromise (OIC), the IRS and the taxpayer agree to settle the tax debt for less than what is owed when the amount settled upon is the most the IRS can reasonably expect from the taxpayer. This means substantial debt reduction for those that qualify, but the IRS uses strict qualifying factors when making Offer in Compromise determinations. Offers in Compromise are not for everyone, and taxpayers should explore other options before considering an OIC.

In a Partial Payment Installment Agreement, taxpayers achieve overall debt reduction by paying an affordable monthly payment until the statute of limitations on the debt ends. The monthly payment is based on an analysis of the taxpayer’s income, expenses, and assets, so representation is important in Partial Payment Installment Agreement cases. The tax team at Tax Defense Network will present a client’s financials in such a way as to get them the most affordable monthly payment possible.

And this is exactly what the tax team at TDN did for former client Denise G.! Denise hadn’t filed taxes in five years and was in trouble with the IRS.

“I owed over $100,000 in back taxes to the IRS,” Denise remembers. The IRS was garnishing her wages, and she feared they would take her car.

The tax professionals at Tax Defense Network listened to Denise’s concerns and, after reviewing her financial situation with her, they determined a Partial Payment Installment Plan would be the best tax resolution for her.

Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound Legal Team prepared and filed Denise’s unfiled taxes and went to work putting together her Partial Payment Installment Agreement case. They were able to reduce her tax debt and secure Denise a monthly payment she could afford.

“If you aren’t a tax expert, you really need tax professionals on your side, like Tax Defense Network,” Denise says sagely. “TDN negotiated with the IRS to reduce my overall debt and monthly payments!”

Tax Defense Network is a national tax resolution company that helps individuals and small businesses across the country with their tax problems. To date, their team of licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and CPAs has resolved over $120 million in tax debt. Tax Defense Network is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.