Tax Defense Network will launch their first in-house Enrolled Agent certification this month. The extensive Enrolled Agent certification courses will teach the employees everything they need to know to become experts in Taxation. Enrolled Agents are licensed by the Federal government and are authorized to negotiate directly with the IRS under Circular 230. If you have a tax debt issue, you need an Enrolled Agent on your side.

Classes begin in June and will be directed by Tax Defense Network’s Senior Licensed Tax Professional. The course will cover all aspects of Personal and Business Tax Debt, Tax Debt Resolution, and Tax Debt Representation, with the goal being to create a skilled team of professionals that will negotiate directly with the IRS on behalf of each client.

“This is perfect opportunity for our employees to advance with the company,” says the Director of Operations at Tax Defense Network. “This is more than a job; it’s a career path with unique opportunities. This Enrolled Agent opportunity is one of many that we offer our employees.”

Employees at Tax Defense Network will also be expected to pass the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE). It’s a complex three-part test that covers all aspects of tax debt resolution. The IRS will even perform a credit check for each employee prior to enrollment to make sure there are no outstanding balances. They allow no exceptions!

“I’m not going to make this easy, I’m going to teach the team everything they need to know about the tax code, but I’m confident that our tax resolution professionals have what it takes to learn every detail,” says the Senior Licensed Tax Professional at Tax Defense Network. The Tax Code was 67,204 pages in April of 2008, and it’s still growing. “This will raise the caliber of our services and ensure that our clients work with the most knowledgeable group of tax professionals in the industry.”