On a cold and windy Saturday morning in Jacksonville, Florida; parents, students, teachers, volunteers, and businesses gathered for the Hendricks Avenue Elementary School’s 2013 Walk-a-Thon. Tax Defense Network participated in the March 2nd event as a Platinum level business partner, donating a total of $1000 to the school.

The Friends of Hendricks is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the funding available to the school. Led by parents, alumni, and local businesses, the Friends of Hendricks donations help the school offset county budget cuts.

Tax Defense Network cares deeply about education, believing that a good education provides the basic tools for kids to grow into contributing members of our community. So when the chance to participate in Hendricks’ event arose, the company proudly donated both its time and money.

“My son attends Hendricks. I approached [the owner] Joe Valinho about the Walk-a-Thon, and he was immediately on board,” said Sara Tadros, a senior debt consultant with Tax Defense Network. “I am so glad that I work with a company that genuinely cares about its community.”

Though Tax Defense Network has participated in charity events every year since its inception, in 2013 the focus turned to more local events.

“While we are excited to join the national causes and feel strongly about them, we believe our efforts would go a lot further if we started to focus on our own local community,” said Kara Nuckles, a member of Tax Defense Network’s Community Initiatives Program. “Our new Community Initiatives Program allows us to participate in events that directly affect our neighbors, which are our families, friends, and co-workers.”

So at 11 am on March 2nd, Tax Defense Network handed out candy, cups, pens, and magnets to all parents and kids in attendance. A few employees participated in the Walk-a-Thon, while others introduced themselves to the parents and volunteers, answering questions about the tax resolution services Tax Defense Network offers.

“We had a great time! I was able to speak with a few parents about tax filing questions they had,” said Laura Kennington, Senior Enrolled Agent at Tax Defense Network. “I was just so glad that I was able to help people that may have gotten into serious tax trouble if they didn’t get the correct answers to their questions.”

Tax Defense Network has been a staple in the Jacksonville community since its inception, helping resolve over $92 million in outstanding client tax debts. The company’s Foxhound department employs 11 licensed tax professionals, four enrolled agents, and a certified public account, as well as an ex-IRS agent.