Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are qualified accountants who provide their services in income tax preparation and planning, financial planning, estate planning, financial accounting, and financial analysis. Depending on the state, every CPA has to meet various criteria for obtaining a license. They are authorized by the Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS. The title of CPA is given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and is the highest accountant credential in the United States.

Tax Defense Network Careers: Requirements of a CPA

It is important for taxpayers to know about the qualifications and practices of tax professionals, especially if they are planning to hire them. This will help them choose the right tax professional to represent them before the IRS.

In addition, CPAs are required to pass the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, and also meet state education requirements. The minimum requirement for a CPA exam is usually a four-year university degree. Most states require 150 university semester hours to allow a candidate to sit for the CPA exam.

Tax Defense Network advises taxpayers to make sure the CPA they hire is not currently under suspension or disbarment. Those CPAs who fail to pass their continuing professional education, or do not have the necessary experience are, in many states, given the title of ‘CPA inactive’. In many states, CPAs from outside the state cannot use their CPA designation.

Tax Defense Network Careers: CPAs Specializing in Taxation

Many CPAs choose taxation for their specialty. Taxpayers may use the services of a CPA who has expertise and experience in handling tax cases for their tax debt resolution. There is no official certification that CPAs get for specializing in taxation. Those CPAs who specialize in taxation provide services in accounting, individual tax problems, and business tax problems.

CPAs can represent taxpayers in all proceedings before the IRS to resolve their tax problems. They have been granted the status of FATPs (Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners) by the IRS. FATPs have the right to represent taxpayers before the IRS for tax return audits, tax refund issues, appeals and collection actions.

Tax Defense Network Careers: The Best Tax Professionals for the Best Resolution

An effective tax resolution is achieved with the help of expert tax professionals, including licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and CPAs. Their knowledge, expertise, and experience are essential in preparing a tax case and negotiating with the IRS.

Following these high standards, the tax professionals of Tax Defense Network study every tax case in-depth, prepare the appropriate paperwork and negotiate with the IRS to achieve a quick and advantageous resolution to a tax problem.