IRS agents enforce the U.S. tax code and examine the records of businesses, corporations and individuals to make sure they are in compliance with IRS rules. They are highly trained employees who analyze complicated tax returns to determine whether a business or an individual has a tax liability.

Tax Defense Network Careers: Training of an Ex-IRS Agent

An Internal Revenue Officer builds practical skills through the IRS’ various training programs. They need to make practical decisions fast, and their judgment needs to be perfect every time. They are required to have exhaustive knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws, accounting, and standard IRS policies, along with information about various types of businesses.

Internal Revenue Agents start with Grade 5 and advance to Grade 11. Their grades are divided in four parts: Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9 and Grade 11. To enter into Grade 5, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen and have a four-year degree or experience of 30 semester hours of accounting coursework.

Tax Defense Network informs taxpayers that an ex-IRS agent is able to interact with taxpayers, businesses and tax-exempt organizations on a daily basis, educating them about tax laws, assisting them in resolving their tax problems, and for counsel. They regularly work with certified public accountants (CPAs), licensed tax professionals, and taxpayers.

Tax Defense Network Careers: IRS Special Agents

Internal Revenue Agents can choose to be either a generalist, a specialist in taxation or take the management duties. The IRS also has Criminal Investigator (CA) Special Agents who work for the Criminal Investigations (CI) or law enforcement division of the IRS.

The IRS is a division of the Department of the Treasury. For investigating financial crimes, the IRS employs IRS CI agents. Special Agents conduct four kinds of investigation: legal source tax crimes, financial crimes, narcotics-related financial crimes, and counter-terrorism financing.

Tax Defense Network Careers: IRS Agents & Tax Debt Resolution

Many IRS agents choose to move to tax debt resolution after working for the IRS. Tax Defense Network is the proud employer of an ex-IRS agent, who provides expert knowledge and experience to achieve the best tax debt resolutions for taxpayers.

Because of the high level of training in accounting and taxation, the analysis by IRS agents is accurate. Their experience in negotiating and working with licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and CPAs makes them perfect for handling complicated tax cases.

In tax debt resolution, analysis, preparation of a tax case and negotiation is of immense importance, Tax Defense Network states. Ex-IRS agents provide invaluable help in analysis and preparation of a tax case because of their deep knowledge of tax codes, and the IRS’ procedures and policies.