Tax Defense Network informs taxpayers about the various responsibilities, qualifications and areas of expertise of the tax professionals who work to resolve tax cases. It is important for taxpayers to know about licensed tax professionals and other tax professionals who work in the tax resolution industry to help them to make better decisions when choosing tax debt help.

Licensed tax professionals are essential for tax debt resolution. Their knowledge of tax laws and codes, along with IRS policies and the experience in debt negotiations, make them indispensable.

Tax Defense Network Careers: Qualifications of a Licensed Tax Professional

Licensed tax professionals are required to have a Juris Doctor (JD) degree to be able to practice law in their state. Apart from those minimum qualifications, many licensed tax professionals have a Master of Laws degree in taxation.

Licensed tax professionals have been granted the right to represent taxpayers before any administrative level of the IRS. Negotiating with the IRS requires deep knowledge of tax laws, tax codes and IRS policies, of which licensed tax professionals are masters.

Tax Defense Network employs 11 licensed tax professionals who specialize in taxes. They inform taxpayers about the strengths and weaknesses of their case and provide them with a resolution that is most beneficial and affordable for them. An licensed tax professional can also help taxpayers with an audit, penalty abatements, and lien and levy removals.

Tax Defense Network Careers: Responsibilities of a Licensed Tax Professional

Apart from working to provide taxpayers with resolutions to tax problems, an important responsibility of a licensed tax professional is to present realistic solutions to taxpayers. Keeping taxpayers informed about their case is an important part of a successful resolution. A responsible tax debt company must provide a simple picture of what they can achieve.

Tax Defense Network’s “Foxhound” department, includes licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, ex-IRS agents and tax analysts. They provide free consultations to taxpayers so they understand their case and what the team is able to achieve for them. After the team takes on a case, they conduct a detailed analysis of the taxpayer’s situation before negotiating with the IRS, in order to get the best resolution for their clients.

Tax Defense Network Careers: Integrity, Experience and Reliability

Licensed tax professionals must have integrity and experience to give the best service to taxpayers. Tax Defense Network employs qualified licensed tax professionals with years of experience. Skilled in negotiation, licensed tax professionals mediate between a taxpayer and the IRS to achieve affordable resolutions. Taxpayers can rely on licensed tax professionals to resolve a case quickly and successfully. That is the power that makes licensed tax professionals vital to any tax resolution firm.