Tax Defense Network is celebrating a 15 year anniversary this month. The company is exceptionally proud of reaching such an important milestone and serving so many American taxpayers. In 2010, it was declared the fastest growing business in North Florida by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Starting out with a handful of tax professionals, it now has more than 150 employees working diligently toward successful tax resolutions for their clients.

Tax Defense Network has proven its commitment to providing real relief to its clients. Tax Defense Network’s growth and success is attributable to its cornerstone belief in customer service.

“Our 98.5% satisfaction rate is an indicator that we are doing things right, but we still have a long way to go. Improvement on its current systems never stops,” said Lee Singleton, manager of the Gold Star Client Care program at Tax Defense Network. Every employee is trained under the principles of I.C.E., which stands for the Ideal Client Experience. This involves a more empathetic way of doing business with taxpayers, and frequent client care evaluations.

“Our clients receive the high level of service they deserve. Even though we have such a high client satisfaction rate, we are constantly looking at ways to improve their experience with us,” said Amanda Fronckoski, leader of Quality Assurance at Tax Defense Network. “I always tell our employees to treat our clients as if he or she was a family member. If your mom or dad had IRS problems, you would do everything in your power to ease their situation.”

Even after a client’s case has closed, Tax Defense Network still provides excellent client care. This is why they created a private online community for its former clients. Members can present their tax questions and receive answers from Tax Defense Network experts. This is to ensure that former clients do not wind up with future IRS problems.

In addition to ensuring that clients have a positive experience at Tax Defense Network, the company also wants to make sure they receive only the highest level of expert assistance as well. All employees are regularly educated on existing and changing tax laws.

“From the first person you speak with to the person who explains your final resolution with the IRS, you should feel like you’re in expert hands. We get our clients in the best possible situation by knowing exactly what that situation is and how to get there. And, that takes continuous education,” said Jonathan Bochese, Senior Licensed Tax Professional.