Every year, after Halloween, men around the United States shave off their facial hair and begin a 30-day feat to grow a mustache as long, weird, bushy, or creative, as they can before the November 30th date. This is what is referred to as Movember.

The Movember movement has become one of the most active and popular charity awareness events in the world. Since 2007, the Movember Foundation has sponsored events in the United States to raise awareness for prostate cancer. This year was the campaign’s biggest fundraising effort to date, setting a record with $116 million raised worldwide.

Prostate cancer affected 241,740 American men in 2012, according to the American Cancer Society, with over 28,000 men dying from the disease. With 1 in 6 men at risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer within their lifetime, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men.

The biggest Movember chapter in Jacksonville is MovemberJax, raising over $45,000 in donations since its 2009 inception. With MovemberJax, men can create teams to raise money as their “Mo’s” grow, becoming their own advertising campaign to bring in donations.

Tax Defense Network’s male employees took to support the cause this Movember by growing their classiest ‘stache. Co-workers watched, week by week, as their hair grew, but so would enthusiasm for the activity and the serious men’s health issue.

“It’s fun to watch the guys grow [their mustache] out, but it’s also weird once they shave because I get so used to seeing them with all that facial hair,” says Tracy, a “Mo Sista” of Tax Defense Network.

Tax Defense Network takes men’s health issues very seriously and supports the Movember cause. As a way to show support, several male employees from the various departments participated in Movember, growing their Mo’s for 30 days.

“I donated to two teams this year,” said Kara, a marketing analyst for Tax Defense Network. “I really enjoy watching the men have fun with this charity. It makes fundraising a lot easier when people are engaged.”

For more information on how to donate or how you can participate in the 2013 Movember, visit http://us.movember.com.