The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that raises money for, and brings awareness to, the thousands of American soldiers who were wounded on duty, including suffering from traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. Tax Defense Network charity has helped many military men and women with their tax problems, but this time the charity decided to help wounded veterans who were back from combat by raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Tax Defense Network charity spent two weeks raising funds for the foundation. Employees who made contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project were allowed to wear casual clothes to work. At the end of the two-week period, over $1000 was raised for the Wounded Warrior Project. The donations from Tax Defense Network charity went toward:

  • Combat Stress Recovery
  • Family Support
  • Transition Training
  • Workforce Placement
  • Adaptive Sports Events
  • Engagement with Other Wounded Warriors and peer Mentors
  • Upcoming: Two education facilities located in Jacksonville, FL and San Antonio, TX

Tax Defense Network charity contributions have helped American soldiers in more ways than one. The company promises to continue to provide assistance to this worthy cause.

Tax Defense Network Charity: Raising Funds for Nepal School
Tax Defense Network charity believes in the right of every child to have a quality education. To promote and help children get that education, Tax Defense Network charity sponsored the Annual Mile High Golf Tournament that raises funds for Shree Shanka Devi School in Nepal. The funds go towards the purchase of computers and more land to build facilities for its students.

The Shree Shanka Devi School is located in a remote village in Nepal where access to education is limited. The contribution of Tax Defense Network charity helped in maintaining and improving the school facilities. Currently, the school has 500 students, 12 classrooms, and a fully equipped science lab.

Tax Defense Network Charity Donates to Dignity U Wear
Dignity U Wear is a charitable organization that donates brand new clothes to children and families that cannot afford to buy new clothes. Tax Defense Network charity held a ‘Dress Down and Jeans’ day to raise funds for the foundation. Every employee of the company wore casual clothes on that day and donated to the cause. The company also matched the contributions made by the employees with its own.

Tax Defense Network charity is proud to have made a difference in the lives of those who are in need. As of 2012, Dignity U Wear has donated over 6.6 million pieces of brand new clothing valued at over $125 million dollars to more than 450,000 men, women, and children living in the United States.