Tax Defense Network charity division has been working with non-profit organizations for years, and has made it their mission to spread heart health awareness around their community.

Tax Defense Network charity has participated in the annual AHA (American Heart Association) Heart Walk since 2009. Over 19,000 participants, along with the Tax Defense Network team, began the 3-mile walk in Jacksonville, Florida.

After the father of Jimmy Hutchinson, Tax Defense Network charity division’s head, received a heart transplant in 2008, the company joined efforts with local businesses and began a drive for raising awareness of heart disease.

Jimmy said of his co-workers, “The amount of support I received from TDN during [that time] was overwhelming. Tax Defense Network understood, helping my family and I in more ways than most will ever know.” Tax Defense Network’s employees donated about $1,500 to the 2012 event. “I found this to be amazing.”

Tax Defense Network charity division member Amy Mercado’s mother has been battling congestive heart failure for a decade. She wore her Tax Defense Network Heart Walk t-shirt with more emotion than the rest, saying, “This isn’t just about helping those with heart disease, but about preventing heart disease and promoting healthier lifestyles.”

Employee Services supervisor Chris Green was very enthusiastic about participating in the Heart Walk. His father has had three heart attacks, his grandmother died of a heart attack, and Chris himself suffered from a heart attack recently. To him, wearing the red survivor hat was a proud moment.

“I was really honored to walk and talk with Jimmy’s father. It’s important to me that we not only raise money, but also raise awareness,” Chris explained.

For Tax Defense Network charity, raising awareness about heart disease has become a personal mission. Every year, the Tax Defense Network charity division supports and encourages others to participate and donate towards helping patients of heart disease, as well as preventing heart disease.

Tax Defense Network charity is proud of their efforts with the AHA and other non-profit organizations, changing the lives of many. Tax Defense Network charity understand the importance of good health and hope to spread knowledge about heart diseases. Tax Defense Network charity is proud to be a part of the Heart Walk and will continue to provide support to help fellow Americans in more ways than one.