One of Tax Defense Network’s licensed tax professionals, Jessie Seaman, recently received a letter from the Board of Directors at Angelwood asking for financial donations to help start off a new program called ACE (Angelwood Community Explorers). Like her co-workers at Tax Defense Network, Jessie always welcomes new opportunities to help worthy causes. So, Jessie decided to act immediately.

Angelwood is a non-profit organization in the Jacksonville, FL, area which assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The new program called ACE will primarily focus on those with Autism. Angelwood provides a residential home for these individuals, a summer camp for young people ages 5 through 22 that have developmental disabilities, career assistance, respite services for families, and behavior analysis and assessments by trained specialists.

On April 19th, Jessie Seaman spread the word across the company that help was needed. Jessie personally handed over the money raised by Tax Defense Network to an ACE volunteer. This money will go toward services that are much needed for those with developmental disabilities in the Jacksonville, FL area. If you would like to help Angelwood in its mission, you can email them at to find out where to make donations or what fundraising events you can take part in.