Tax Defense Network (TDN) has expanded once again, adding much needed personnel to their “Foxhound” Department. TDN added new tax analysts, ex-IRS employees, as well as helping their current staff members become licensed Enrolled Agents. The increase in staff was necessary to keep up with the increased volume of cases Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound resolves monthly.

“We have seen a huge increase with the amount of cases we handle a month, so we needed to beef up our staff to be able to provide the same level of service for each client,” Jonathan Bochese, Senior licensed tax professional, explained.

Tax Defense Network’s expansion is a result of its increased clientele, which has been directly attributed to the points of service the company has always focused on.

“There is no big secret to our success; it is pretty simple, in fact. We give our clients an exceptional experience by always keeping their interests above our own, and being upfront about what can realistically be achieved for them,” Joe Valinho, President of Tax Defense Network, stated.

Every client of Tax Defense Network experiences the F.I.R.E and I.C.E. company philosophy the owners say is the only reason the company has been so successful.

“F.I.R.E. means that a client has been Fully Informed and has Realistic Expectations about their tax case. As the manager of the Gold Star Client Care department, it is my job to ensure that every client experiences I.C.E., which is an Ideal Client Experience, through each step of their resolution process,” Lee Singleton, Director of Gold Star Client Care explained.

Tax Defense Network has seen 2013 become a banner year so far for the company, first setting a record in cases completed in a single month, and developing a new suite of services to help taxpayers even after their current tax issue is resolved.

“There were a lot of clients contacting us with other IRS issues we weren’t able to handle, such as audit protection or defense, or IRS report monitoring. Some of these issues are currently being addressed with our new line of services that are in the latest stages of development,” Ron Clere, managing director of Marketing, explains.

Founded in 1997, Tax Defense Network has resolved over $119 million in client tax debts since its inception, while maintaining an A rating or higher with the Better Business Bureau.