The Currently Not Collectible program is designed to assist taxpayers who are unable to pay anything towards their tax debt in their current financial state. This program allows a taxpayer to avoid or stop any IRS collection actions presently against them, such as a bank levy or wage garnishment, while also acknowledging their debt with the IRS and their inability to repay it.

Tax Defense Network has helped hundreds of clients receive Currently Not Collectible status since its inception by thoroughly auditing a taxpayer’s financial history to give an accurate estimate of approval within the program before a taxpayer applies. Many taxpayers may think Currently Not Collectible is an extremely difficult status to be accepted into, but the IRS will grant Currently Not Collectible status to taxpayers in need. It all depends on their particular circumstances.

“I owed the IRS a lot of money and searched for a company to help. Tax Defense Network was the best choice because they helped me get into Non Collectible status. Now, I don’t have to worry about the IRS coming after me anymore,” said former client Scott from New Jersey.

Taxpayers may have their tax debt declared Currently Not Collectible if the IRS believes there is no recovery potential or means of enforcing collections. This can be determined for a variety of reasons, including unemployment, serious illness, or little to no assets to repay their taxes.

“I had to figure out ‘Am I going to eat today or am I going to pay the electricity bill?’ It was really frightening. [Tax Defense Network ] really assured me of the process, the steps that were going to be taken…that was taken,” explains former client Kristy in Hawaii.

The IRS reviews a taxpayer’s financial documents, including income, necessary expenditures, and assets to determine what amount, if any, a taxpayer can afford to pay on their tax debt. Taxpayers should keep in mind that the IRS considers certain expenses like internet, cable, and multiple cars a luxury that can be dropped or sold in order to satisfy the tax liability.

“Tax Defense Network represented us, and we were put in Non Collectible status. The IRS stopped pursuing us for unpaid taxes and it feels great,” William of Texas, past client of the company, remembers.

Tax Defense Network is a national tax relief company with licensed tax professionals and enrolled agents with over 35 years of combined tax debt experience. Located next to the second largest IRS hub on the eastern seaboard, Tax Defense Network has resolved over $120 million in client tax debts, including small-business and individual tax issues, while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.