The government was closed for two weeks, but Tax Defense Network remained open and continued to assist clients through the shutdown. Though it required additional creativity and flexibility, Tax Defense Network worked through the problems caused by the limitations in IRS functions and found solutions to our clients’ concerns.

The IRS’s capabilities outside its automated processes were particularly narrow during the shutdown. With no IRS employees present to answer the phones or process forms and authorizations, Tax Defense Network had to get creative and find alternative ways of doing everyday tasks.

“The IRS shutdown was stressful for both clients and tax professionals,” says Jonathan Bochese of Tax Defense Network’s Foxhound Legal Team. “With so much of the IRS workforce furloughed, our clients were concerned about deadlines, meetings, and requirements set by the IRS.”

Of particular concern for Tax Defense Network clients was the October 15th filing extension deadline. Because of the limitations in IRS functions, the tax practitioners at Tax Defense Network were unable to obtain income information or transcripts from the IRS. Fortunately, Tax Defense Network met this challenge by working closer with clients to complete the required forms and make sure that the October 15th deadline was met.

While the IRS was not issuing any new levies or liens during the lapse in appropriations, taxpayers already under levy or lien were left vulnerable.

“Hardship releases were not available for most taxpayers who were experiencing hardship due to an IRS levy or garnishment,” Jonathan notes. The IRS left taxpayers to simply endure for as long as the shutdown lasted.

However, as Jonathan explains, Tax Defense Network was able to work around the issue. “We were able to assist some of our clients with levies by working with IRS Territory Managers,” he says. “Territory Managers were not furloughed and were permitted to address certain levies.”

The shutdown hit the IRS hard and had the potential to make things difficult for Tax Defense Network and its clients. But Tax Defense Network took on the challenge and, through hard work and flexibility, successfully helped clients through the lapse in appropriations.

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