August is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so Tax Defense Network decided to raise funds to help the Moffitt Cancer Center continue its research and world-renowned health care. The Moffitt Cancer Center was chosen not just for the work it has done on treating melanoma and other skin cancers, but it was also chosen due to a personal tie to the hospital.

An employee at Tax Defense Network has a father who is currently being treated there for Hodgkins Lymphoma. While her father does not have skin cancer, her glowing review of Moffitt convinced Tax Defense Network employees that this was where their donations needed to go.

The Moffitt Cancer Center’s mission is “to be the leader in scientific discovery and translation into compassionate care, cures, and prevention of cancer for our community and the world.” While fundraising for this worthy cause, Tax Defense Network employees learned a great deal from Moffitt’s extensive research into skin cancer. Surprisingly, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. It affects young and old alike quite greatly. If it is detected early enough the survival rate is 99%. That number drops to 15% if the cancer is more advanced. While it is more uncommon for those of African, Hispanic, or Asian decent; incidence of melanoma is frequently more fatal for these races.

Thanks to the Moffitt Cancer Center, more and more people are joining the group of individuals with the 99% survival rate. It is Tax Defense Network’s great hope that their $400 contribution will play a part continuing this positive trend.