In preparation of Tax Defense Network’s “12 Weeks of Resolutions,” the company has rereleased its back tax solutions grades, and shares its past clients’ experiences with each of the popular IRS tax debt programs.

  1. Installment AgreementEasiest
    Taxpayers can pay back the tax debt amount in monthly installments according to their income, monthly expenses and duration of payment timeline.

    “I owed $250,000 to the IRS with a levy on my income. I was put in an incredible agreement quickly,” explains Lila of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  2. Currently Not Collectible/HardshipEasier
    Taxpayers who can prove they are unable to pay their tax debt through required financial documents can postpone the collection of the tax debt until their financial condition has improved.

    “I owed the IRS $30,000. [I was] put in non-collectable status for 2 years,” said past client Marcus of Garland, Texas.

  3. Penalty AbatementNeutral
    Taxpayers can have some or all of the penalties attached to their tax debt abated, which reduces the overall amount substantially.

    “I [was] put in a low payment plan over 5 years and even [had] the penalties removed,” Charles of St. Petersburg, Florida said.

  4. Innocent SpouseHarder
    Taxpayers may find it difficult to prove they were unaware of the information recorded on their tax return because their spouse had either forged their name or kept it hidden.

    “My accounts were levied because of my ex-husband’s secret tax debt when I filed jointly with him. The threats from the IRS [were stopped] while working on my case, and that’s what I needed,” says Kimberly of Orland, California.

  5. Offer in CompromiseHardest
    Taxpayers can settle a substantially reduced tax debt amount with a lump sum or in a minimal number of monthly payments. However, this program has strict restrictions, and most will not qualify.

    “My tax debt [was brought] down from $96,000 to $343 [because of] deductions my CPA had never even considered,” exclaims Mary of Dallas, Texas.

Tax Defense Network advises taxpayers to seek the help of tax professionals to ensure they choose an IRS payment program wisely. Tax Defense Network is a national tax resolution company with over 35 years of combined tax debt experience. The company has resolved over $120 million in client tax debts since its inception, and maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.