Tax Defense Network has worked to achieve quick, financially beneficial resolutions for taxpayers since its inception. The complexity in the tax code and the various policies of the IRS can limit a taxpayer’s understanding of the needed action to resolve their IRS debt. However, Tax Defense Network believes that honest tax service with tax professionals can greatly advance a taxpayer’s chances of a successfully negotiated resolution.

Tax Defense Network & Its Foxhound Team

The Foxhound team is constantly expanding their knowledge and skills to provide the smoothest and the most beneficial resolution to the various tax problems they encounter daily. Licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), who are up-to-date with the changes in tax laws and tax codes, fuel the Foxhound team of Tax Defense Network. They use their wide range of experience to analyze, prepare and negotiate a case with the IRS.

Tax Defense Network: Resolving Tax Debt

Tax debt is a burden which only increases with time. Without efforts for resolution, the tax debt amount increases because of monthly IRS penalties and interest. An early resolution of tax debt must be achieved because of the threat of aggressive IRS collection actions, such as a bank levy or wage garnishment.

The mission of Tax Defense Network is to provide fast and affordable tax debt resolutions to help their clients avoid or stop collection actions, including bank levies, wage garnishments, penalties, and asset seizures. Using their tax professionals, each case is handled to find the best possible resolution that provides the client with maximum relief.

Tax Defense Network: Understanding Tax Debt

Along with assisting taxpayers in resolving their tax debt successfully, Tax Defense Network also provides advice for state tax issues and the following year’s tax filings to help make sure taxpayers avoid tax problems in the future.

Many professional services recklessly withhold the full details of certain IRS programs, creating exaggerated expectations with taxpayers seeking a substantial tax debt reduction. Tax Defense Network only publishes literature that provides factual explanations of each IRS program available, as well as their restrictions, and only offers taxpayers realistic and achievable resolutions to their tax debt problems. That is why taxpayers have come to expect the reliability and professionalism Tax Defense Network is known for.